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Make Your Fireplace Beautiful With Chalk Paint

by Jimmy Alex

Today I’ve got a makeover for you – A Chalk Paint Blue Fireplace Makeover (This post is an Annie Sloan Chalk Paint collaboration) – When I published the modern dining room, inspired by mum, you had a small sneak peek at the project.

My mother had been officially permitted by the landlord to paint the flat, and she appeared confident about design choices after viewing her lovely stair remodeling. But I was very, very nervous that she didn’t like the alterations that were made, especially that stunning blue fireplace (and the wallpaper hung, the lamp substituted, and the ceiling painted water, definitely had some creative freedoms). I haven’t touched anything that hadn’t been painted (such as the dining room slide-out wooden door that I refused to repaint)! However, my design selections might be bright and blue, so I realize my aesthetic doesn’t appeal to everybody.

He went to the flat last week and it was crunchy! Fortunately, she informed me she loved it all! Phew! I am so glad. I am so glad. When leaving this flat, all I have to do is touch the paint. I truly adore the ancient house’s bones and I believe some homes have been restored.

Mom has always liked my fireplace with a gray accent, but she never lived with a fireplace that was her dream. So it’s a big benefit to have this chimney. The main drawback is that some building modifications have turned an old centered fireplace into a central one, which is emphasized by a left-hand television (where the cable connects). I chose to paint the entire wall, fireplace, and television with the same ink color in order to refresh the look of my home and also to help mix the huge black television.

I’ve chosen the blue, the bolder a little, but also the darker than my wall. The ruling? Mother loves it! Mama loves it! The apartment has extremely high ceilings and big windows at both ends to allow for changing color, and the ultimate effect is comfortable and welcoming.

Here’s a reminder that was totally wonderful of the above: White brick with white big-walled trim looks clean and elegant. For my mother that didn’t enjoy beige walls, I only want to add more WOW.

A quick DIY is painted on top of a newly painted blue fireplace. I used some wood and I built a frame with some remaining gold spray. And the “applications” are an unsettled DIY hack, but later on, I will reveal the scoop.

I love the warm emotions and I believe that the brass ventless gas fireplace insert looks fantastic when the light turns from teal to blue to grey. This blue fireplace for Christmas, I can’t wait to decorate! I agree that a hint of orange looks beautiful for the decoration of fall, but winter is already my fantasy. Will the cream and gold color scheme not look so good? I don’t have any cloak with plenty of natural greenery and sparkles, therefore I look forward to fighting my mommy!

It took a little time to paint the brick pretty simply.

It took me longer than my fireplace but I used the same strategy as my false fireplace when I was painting. It was a lot bigger brick. In order to get the paint into every nook and crevice, I take an old paintbrush and shoot the paint inside. I teamed with Annie Sloan for this make-up and tried Annie Sloan Chalk paint for this painted fireplace since it adheres to everything.

I also wanted to utilize it for a fitting appearance on the walls and on the TV stand. I originally went with this paint, but I chose not to paint linen for my fake appliques. They’d look like speakers, lol, I was scared.

Aubusson Blue, which is a lovely color, is the color picked.

The first coat has plenty of scratches but the second coat covers really well and has a truly beautiful matte finish. The brick was not other than to use another painting to paint it, since I do not apply the paint, but it was a different tale to paint the paint. I do not apply the paint. This paint cannot be overdone, just the first coat may be painted, let it dry, and trust the second one (or third coat). Therefore this painting needs some patience and some skill if I’m honest. Too much brushing makes brush strokes.

For the remaining portions, I used a tiny brush for the artist to paint the deepest breakings in the brush and around the gas fireplace.

Here’s a brief peek of the left wall and how the dark blue wall of Aubusson allows the TV to merge. My gray charcoal fireplace definitely helps to cover up a TV, but also that blue one does an excellent job (particularly because sprinkled on a Samsung Frame TV). I still think of making an art gallery wall behind a TV for that section of the wall? Shelves? Perhaps keep the fireplace focused? I am not sure, but after I have discovered it, you will see more of this living room. Today, I want to focus on the beautiful blue fireplace!

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