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Minimal Designer Fabrics That Are Great As Pillow Covers

by Abhay Choubey

Pillows are a simple way to update a room’s design with the appropriate consultation from your fabric suppliers, whether it’s for a new season or just to add some fresh colors and textures. If you go to any HomeGoods, you’ll find aisles and aisles of pillows organized by color and size for under $20. Is there a difference between some and other fabric supplier?

Vintage fabrics will make your cushions stand out.

Virginia Tupker says she’s always on the lookout for vintage linens to turn into pillows and incorporate into the collections she chooses to lend texture and design to a space. Such fabrics can be found on your travels or on eBay in some different fabric supplier.

Both sides of pillows should be made of the same fabric.

Designer Barry Dixon of Warrenton, Virginia, believes there are several reasons why pillows should be constructed of the same fabric on both sides. “I tell my clients that having a design solely on a single side and a plain backing is like grooming the front of your hair and ignoring about the back,” Dixon adds. You can always see the back of a pillow from a corner or looking over a sofa, and if the back is just white or plain canvas, “your eye will go to it and notice,” he adds.

Go for the plumpest look possible

Kelley Proxmire enjoys selecting pillow fabrics from her fabric supplier. It’s sometimes the first thing she chooses for a room, and she won’t hesitate to use the room’s most expensive fabric on the cushions. She claims that it will make them stand out and have the most impact.

Proxmire says she stuffs a form two inches larger than the cushion size into the cover to make them look fuller and plumper. (For a 22-inch cover, she’d need a 24-inch form.) “It makes things appear lovely and full,” says Proxmire, who works in Bethesda, Md – a fabric supplier. For a more refined look, she also recommends hidden zippers.


For a richer effect, choose a larger size square.

You can find some great-looking pillows in big-box retailers like ­Homesense if you have a sharp eye, but don’t pick the smallest cushion on the rack, says designer Erin Paige Pitts.


What we don’t like is the question. Not only did the Blissy mulbery silk pillowcase come out on top of all eight silk pillowcases we tested, but it also taught us something about our beauty regimen, including how to get beautiful tresses without applying heat when your pillowcase isn’t producing excessive friction or robbing your locks of moisture. Or that we should have been sleeping for years on a hypoallergenic, sleep-inducing 100% Mulberry silk surface.


These pillowcases from your fabric supplier are constructed of a smooth, velvety microfiber that is both durable and tangle-free. They’re also quite easy to care for because they can be thrown in the washing machine. They come in pairs, and with so many color variations, you’re sure to find one that matches your bedroom atmosphere depending on the availability of these textiles to your fabric supplier.


This case is composed of high-tech fabric that’s impregnated with copper oxide, a metal oxide that’s thought to help keep wrinkles and fine lines at bay by boosting important skin proteins collagen and elastin. Even if this headrest doesn’t live up to its fabric supplier’s boasts that it would diminish signs of aging while you sleep in as little as four weeks, you may rest easier knowing that your pillow will be cleaner. And that, my friends, is worth its weight in copper—er, gold.


If you’re a sweaty sleeper, this set of two satin pillowcases is comprised of 100% polyester, which means it will drain away perspiration. It features a silky-smooth texture that prevents tangling and friction against your skin. It also has an envelope closure to keep the pillow from escaping while you’re sleeping.


These wrinkle-free microfibre pillowcases you can order from your fabric supplier are incredibly soft. They’re double-brushed on both sides for a suede-like texture, and the polyester fabric is simple to clean when not in use. The standard set is on the tiny side, so if you have a big pillow, go for the King.

Final words

We tend to think about the major things first when it comes to updating our bedding: comforters, sheets, and mattress toppers spring to mind. But don’t sleep on pillowcases (pun intended!)! They’re a must-have in the bedroom, despite their diminutive size. They can be used to not only protect your bed from stains and bacteria, but also to add a touch of personalization to your home. You can even improve your skin and hair with the appropriate one. To assist you in finding the best pillowcase for your needs, we’ve compiled a list of  sample fabric to consider of the top pillowcases from your fabric supplier, including several that we’ve personally tried.

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