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by c-incognito
neon heart

What is a neon heart light? The neon heart light is a night-lit that has been made out of the shape of a glowing red heart. This is a beautiful form of lighting that you can enjoy every single evening as you fall asleep.

If you see neon heart above, will you feel satisfied and love it? You are right, we all need a romantic atmosphere while we resting in bedroom, and that is why I hope our bedroom will be equipped with this beautiful neon heart light. 

I have bought a pink one for my room while the romantic color of red attract some people too. Neon lights are popular in many years ago, especially those installed in the dance hall and bar. Nowadays, almost shops offer some styles of neon lights or at least their small version.

neon heart light

neon heart light is an essential household item. Neon Heart Light provides the advantages of providing warm and romantic atmosphere and it can be used in any place such as restaurant,bar, event space,homes and so on. Neon Heart Light is made of premium material with exquisite workmanship.

In the past, few people knew about this kind of light. And now neon sign is becoming more and more popular among young people. Neon sign is a special kind of light that emits glowing light when electricity passes through it. You may see that in the bar or pub. In fact, you can also use it in your own room to create your own style.

Neon sign

neon heart signs is different from ordinary light. It makes your room look more fashionable and modern. When you walk into your room, you will feel comfortable and relaxed because it is neither too bright nor too dark. It seems like a fairy tale world with a little bit mystery and romance.

People who have bought this kind of light are very satisfied with it and send positive reviews on the internet, which attract more buyers to buy it for their room decoration. So if you have not got one for yourself, why not begin to decorate your room?

great gift to give at Valentine’s Da

This is a great gift to give at Valentine’s Day, bridal showers and wedding gifts. It is also a great addition to any girls room or dorm room. LED Neon light are the perfect accessory for any bedroom, living room and workspace.

The neon sign comes with a UL listed power cord and adapter, so it works in all countries. The bright and colorful LED lights are safe to touch even after long time use. The acrylic backboard is extremely durable and easily cleaned with damp cloth.


Neon is a noble gas chemical element that glows red-orange when ionized and used in fluorescent lamps. Neon is inert and has over 40 times more anesthetic potency than nitrogen. The neon glow is a result of the electrons returning from an excited state to their ground state. The specific frequencies of exciting the gas are dependent on the gas in the lamp, which determines the color of light emitted by the lamp.

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