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Never Underestimate the Power of Ads on Instagram

Never Underestimate the Power of Ads on Instagram

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Since its launch in 2010, Instagram is the one social media platform that remained unyielding in its success. With its focus on impressive visuals and brand-friendly features. It wouldn’t be surprising why Instagram attracts a lot of advertisers. In this article, let’s take a deeper dive into the importance of using Instagram for advertising and some effective ways to showcase your brand like using tools such as a video maker online with an online MP4 editor.

If you own a brand or a business, you should know by now the power of advertising on Instagram. Instagram advertising is essential for any digital campaign because it offers significant creative opportunities for photo, video, and Story formats and covers an extensive user base that you can attract with striking hyper-targeted advertising. But these are only a few reasons for using Instagram to reach your business goals. Let’s take a closer look at some specific reasons.


1. Opportunities are always increasing

Instagram having a massive user base is a given, but what can we expect for actual growth? It’s all been positive worldwide. Take the United States for example. Of the 140 million Instagram users in the US, we see an 8% user increase in just one quarter. And from the third quarter of 2020 to the end of the year. Users in Western Europe increased by 17% in 2020 and numbers are consistently growing. Needless to say, Instagram is far from getting saturated or outdated. There are plenty of opportunities for brands to increase their visibility and achieve their specific goals. 

2. Build and Increase Your Brand’s Followers

While the majority of users go to social network platforms to connect with family and friends. To keep up to date with their favourite celebrities, millions check out what brands are sharing. Users don’t do that actively on every platform, however. Every day, 200 million Instagram users visit at least one brand profile. 81% of its users also use Instagram to research products and services. And now that Instagram recently made shopping options more prominent, 130 million users click on shopping posts every month.  

This is a clear go signal for your brand to step in and show what you offer. In a visual manner it catches your target audience’s attention. If done right, you can quickly build a significant following and drive up your presence and sales. Don’t hold back. Develop key strategies specifically for Instagram at the same time considering how the strategies will play in your campaigns using other platforms. Create visually compelling content (such as ads you can make fast with a video maker online), and observe how Instagram fares out for your brand.  

3. Create Ads Easily

Did you know that Instagram Ads has already been integrated with Facebook Ads Manager? This simply means you can reap the rewards of most campaign objectives, targeting options, and optimization selections. All you have to do is connect your Instagram account in your Facebook Business Manager business settings. In Ads Manager, add Instagram to your ad placement targeting at the ad set level. Now you can start using Instagram’s three ad placements: Feed, Stories, and Explore.   

If this will be your first time using Instagram Ads, you can easily use creatives that work on Facebook. However, keep in mind the importance of making your ads look native to the platform. It has to fit within certain video length limits, as they do vary across platforms and placements. If you don’t yet have images or videos that may be more fitting for Instagram, in that they are vertical and take up the full screen. But you can use a tool that provides you with professional-grade ad templates and unlimited creative options to create those video ads.


4. Showcase your brand through IG Stories

Although Snapchat was the first to develop lasting content, Instagram followed suit with its own version.  Instagram surpassed Snapchat’s user base in a short time. While IG Stories isn’t new, we see more and more brands using this effective placement with great success. To date, 500 million people are watching IG Stories every single day. Further emphasising the importance of adding it as part of your organic and paid advertising strategy. 

Instagram’s entire advertising ecosystem, along with Facebook’s, allows you to easily connect with your targeted audience.They may have no idea that your brand exists and that you could add value to their lives. By driving up your presence on Instagram, you can easily get their attention with captivating IG Stories given its short content. With more than half of Instagram users saying they become more interested in a brand after they see it in IG Stories. You might as well bet on yourself and see what kind of results Instagram Ads can bring your business. Make sure you have the proper tools, such as a video maker online, that will help you create engaging videos that will drive your audience into action.  

5. Take Advantage Of Higher Engagement Rates

Industry statistics show engagement rates on Instagram to be typically higher than on other social media platforms. While that is the case, you’ll want to make sure to publish visually engaging. On-brand product images and videos so they can help encourage more purchases. One social media study in 2018 reported that engagement is highest for image posts, followed by carousels, then videos. Engagement, of course, will vary depending on the content promoted. It also depends on your specific industry, and your targeted audience or niche. While engagement rates have changed since 2018. Instagram’s user engagement rates are still exceptionally high compared to other platforms. 

To start with strong engagement rates or to further drive up your existing efforts, you’ll want to leverage user-generated content or UGC. If you don’t have any UGC yet, create a hashtag trend and encourage your followers to contribute and share it. It will also help if you ask questions in your posts and then spend some advertising budget to widen their reach and increase their visibility to new audiences. Reach out to emerging influencers and develop a partnership deal. Once you have UGC, reshare it on your account, whether it is someone wearing or using your brand, a review or testimonial, or anything else that people might share that’s related to your brand. 

Another marketing strategy that’s been tried and tested to further increase audience engagement on your Instagram ads is to start contests. Contests can boost ads in a short time. While the possibilities are endless when you advertise on Instagram. You’ll want to showcase your product or service in use so that prospective customers and loyal followers can have clear expectations. As well as be more likely to purchase for the first time or again.

Story Mapping in Agile – What Is (User) Story Mapping?

Story Mapping or User Story Mapping is a technique used in product discovery: outlining a new product or a new feature for an existing product.

The result is a Story Map: all the user stories arranged in functional groups. This helps you keep your eye on the big picture while also providing all the details of the whole application.

Final Words

In this day and age, an Instagram advertising strategy would be incomplete without captivating videos to maintain a strong and constant presence for your brand. Engage with your audience, and encourage them to action. You can easily find a video maker online that allows you to create your video from scratch. You can customise a video with ready-to-use video templates.

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