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New cinema Features in 2021

by Abhay Choubey

What better way to ring in the summer than with our new cinema8 Studio updates? Check out our latest features

Daily Metrics Analysis: Want to dive deeper into your video metrics? You can now download a daily breakdown of your video metrics. Simply set a date range and select “Download Daily Breakdown” to download a detailed report.

Hosted PDF:

Embedding a PDF file or document in your overlay is a great way to provide viewers with additional information or downloadable resources. You can now upload your PDF to cinema8 Studio and select the “Copy URL” option to embed it into the overlay. Check out this example of using the PDF in an overlay (click on the hotspot “Click to view medication guide”). PRO-TIP : If you want to open the PDF when you click the hotspot, you can select “Click to link” as the hotspot action and use the link provided in the Studio.

Aspect ratio swap: Create a mobile and a desktop version of your video, like our favorite coffee drinkers from cinema8? Now you can use our Swap Video feature to transfer interactivity from the 16:9 version to the 9:16 version and vice versa. All you need to do is adjust the placement of the hotspots according to your preferences.


With our new option, you can make sure that your cinema8 will keep running even if the viewer switches to another tab. Add? Force Visible=true to the cinema8 URL to keep your interactive video experience running even when the tab is switched. 

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