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New Online facial verification is A Lot Different From the Manual One

by jhon duncen
Online facial verification

The world is entering an era surrounded by advanced technologies. Among these is the facial verification that has evolved over the years from when it emerged in the world in the 1960s. Initially, it was manually implemented through the RAND tablet – a computational graphical device. Do you think the system was free from error? No way, the number of errors was large that urged the need for advancement. So with technological furtherance, machine learning (ML) hopped in and took the steering. ML, the face verification solution, belongs to the artificial intelligence (AI) family. Hence it is fast driving identity verification with face validation which is very important to Know Your Business


Moving on, the facial recognition industry is predicted to grow by 2022 up to $7.7 billion, as reported by PRNewsWire. This is so as the machine learning facial recognition is serving every industry from healthcare to law enforcement with distinguished benefit and enhanced processing. 

How does machine learning facial recognition Work?


The process of ML-driven identity verification captures, analyzes, and compares facial features. The face identification online industry is massively maturing as it is easily accessible due to the online platforms providing upgraded tools. The process is not so complex but also, not so easy to grasp.

  • Face Detection


The users upload a picture or video in real-time to the site where the platform’s AI tools locate the face. This is now easier as digital device industries have introduced auto face detection in devices. 

  • Face Alignment


The face, if not in the right place, is aligned by the system to conduct accurate verification. For instance, the nose, eyes, areas around the mouth, and the rest of the features. An algorithm in ML technology normalizes the face and matches it within the database. So much so, it turns the face towards the center slightly or hugely away. 

  • Face Measurement and Extraction


The facial recognition machine learning process depends on the algorithms that see a face as the pattern in the dots and boxes game. By making this pattern, the system identifies the face. Here, ML is the game changer as it figures out what to extract by itself with no needed manual instructions. 

  • Face Recognition


The face, after the previously mentioned steps, is then recognized. This is so by matching it with a similar existing one from the database. Whichever person’s face comes within the ace to the extractions will be presented as the match. 

Which Sectors use face verification online?


Artificial intelligence is the new changer as a whole with ML as its key tool. It is making the unimaginable things come to reality. With this, almost every sector is employing this technology to identify their clients. One reason is to comply with KYC and kyb checks, another is secure processing. 

Law Enforcement Sector


This sector is confined with the job to combat crime and illegal and threatful happenings. By adding facial recognition into their already working systems they can prevent crime while detecting the culprits. The application of this technology spreads to various spheres.


  • It is used when issuing documents and authenticity checks, combined with biometric tech.


  • Face checks are used to cross-check with the portrait on passports. 


  • Moving on, the police use this to identify the actual or said-to-be criminals. Quoting an instance here is from Europe, where a ‘man in the hat’ responsible for Brussels terrorism attacks was verified thanks to the FBI facial recognition machine learning software. 


  • Presently, there are CCTVs installed in every street, by these, authorities can easily identify the faces and identities afterward. 

Criminals Tracking and Identification


Security cameras around the globe are working on recognition technology. By taking hold of these, law enforcement agencies can track the criminals even if they escape the naked eye. Also, it can identify past criminals. Adding to this are the preventive measures that the police or other agencies can take. 

Healthcare Sector


The healthcare center is the most crucial as it contains the most sensitive information. Breaches in the data can put the health of billions at stake. After the digitization of the whole world due to the pandemic, the healthcare sector also has shifted its systems and processing online. To provide the right treatment to the deserving patient it has become mandatory to verify the identities of the patient. To do so, the face verification online tools are providing enough support. The ML technology detects and analyzes the face by matching it in the database afterward, to verify the patient. 

What are the benefits of facial recognition?


The proponents of carrying out facial verification in various sectors show that the new technology is bringing numerous benefits. From faster service, enhanced security, to customer satisfaction, the benefits of facial recognition are giving it all.

Instant and Fast Service

The major and real benefit of fast processing is that face identification online is provided by replacing the old authentication methods. Businesses can make the assistance and onboarding seamless by offering verification tools. Furthermore, it will minimize face-to-face interaction. The clients can verify their identity with some simple clicks. This tool came in handy in the time of the pandemic. 

Improved Security

Artificial intelligence-based facial verification tools help to identify suspicious activities in real-time alongside pinpointing the old or new culprits.  Furthermore, machine learning facial recognition tools provide hassle-free everyday experiences. This is so as the sectors have gone online. Not just this, face verification solutions help in the prevention of fraud along with preventing criminal activities. 


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