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How To Fix The Nvidia Control Panel Not Opening On Windows

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How To Fix The Nvidia Control Panel Not Opening On Windows

The NVIDIA Control Panel is a must for computers operating on a branded NVIDIA graphics card. It enables you to dive deep into your card’s controls and adjust its system-level performance.

If you cannot access this panel, you may have trouble: optimization, customization, and potential performance gains are not feasible. It also indicates that your NVIDIA or your system itself is certainly incorrect. So what can you do to open the control panel for NVIDIA? To find out more, keep reading.

What Do You Mean By NVIDIA Control Panel?

Once you get drivers to run your NVIDIA graphics card, the NVIDIA Control Panel should be installed on your system. It allows you to adjust your settings more deeply, including your resolution, color correction, and the 3D app settings.

This program is particularly beneficial for anyone working with 3D or Windows gamers. It allows you to deeply adapt how your system handles 3D element rendering. For instance, anti-aliasing, texturing and VSync may be enabled or deactivated.

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How To Open NVIDIA Control Panel?

If you can’t open Nvidia control panel, Use the following techniques to remedy a Windows issue that does not open the NVIDIA control penal:

Step 1: How To Access Nvidia Control Panel?

How To Access Nvidia Control Panel

If Nvidia control panel wont open, first, just leave the NVIDIA Control Panel job and attempt to reopen the program again.

  • Right-click on an empty space
  • Select Task Manager
  • Click on the NVIDIA Control panel
  • Select the NVIDIA Control Panel
  • Click on the End Task button
  • Wait some time and reopen the NVIDIA Control panel

Step 2: Restart these NVIDIA services

Restart these NVIDIA services

If Nvidia not working On your system or the Nvidia control panel won’t open, NVIDIA installs certain services. If the services stop, it is very probable that your Nvidia control panel not working as intended. Fortunately, with the identical methods below, you can solve this.

  • Open Run utility using the key of window + R in your keyboard
  • Search “services.msc” without quotation marks
  • Press the Enter. then the Services window will open directly
  • Locate the “NVIDIA Display” service
  • Right-click on it, Then Restart from the context menu

For the following services repeat the steps which are mention above:

Containers of NVIDIA LocalSystem, NVIDIA NetworkService, and NVIDIA Tel. After all NVIDIA services have been resumed, please verify that the panel is visible in the context menu or in your system tray.

Step 3: How To Update Nvidia Control Panel Drivers?

How To Update Nvidia Control Panel Drivers

You always have to be up-to-date on your graphical card driver. Compatibility problems can occur and create all kinds of difficulties, particularly after big Windows 10 updates.

The Nvidia control panel missing options may have caused your NVIDIA display driver to be outdated or corrupted. There are three solutions to this:

1. How Update display adapter driver manually?

           Check the visual kind of card that you use:

  • Press Windows + R keys
  • Run utility pop-up will be opened
  • Search = dxdiag
  • Click on the Run button
  • You can easily reach on the DirectX Diagnostics tool, which shows information about your system
  • Switch to the Display tab
  • Under Device, note down the graphics card name and manufacturer
  •  For the Nvidia control panel download the latest driver for your Graphics card model
  • Download, install and follow on-screen instructions by double-clicking the downloaded file. You can start your device again

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 2. Auto Update Display Adapter Driver

  • Open the Run utility using Window +R
  • Search = devmgmt.msc, and open Device Manager window
  • Right-click on your current driver
  • Choose the Update driver option
  • Click on Search automatically for updated driver software
  • When you complete all these given steps successfully then restart your system

3. How To Third-party Software Helps To Update Your Drivers

Although it is not required for driver updates to utilize third-party software, it is an option for all users of Windows 10. Driver Booster, DriverHub, and DriverPack Solution to automatically update drivers may also be found and downloaded from third-party updating programs.

Most of them are free and user-friendly. We encourage you to browse the internet for more advanced apps if you are not happy with the service.

Make sure the app you are using is trusted. Some programs for fixing or updating your drivers include malware, adware, or spyware. Before downloading any program, we recommend checking the name of the product and reading reviews by actual people.

Step 4: End Task The NVIDIA Display Container Process

  • Open the taskbar using right-click on your desktop blank screen and choose Task Manager
  • When the Task Manager is opened once, Then expand the details by click on the “Mode details” button
  • Click on the Details tab and  Scroll down to see the NVIDIA Display Container process.
  • Select the process, Right-click on it, and click on End task. And make sure all processes end
  • When the process restarts itself after that you can reopen the NVIDIA Control Panel

Step 5: Off Some Quick Startups In Windows 10

Certain users claim that the Fast Startup configuration may cause NVIDIA Control Panel problems. For instance, the NVIDIA Control Panal may not be capable to run correctly if the essential files and services are not loaded at startup.

By simply deactivating a quick start-up using the guidance below, you can prove if this function is the problem.

  • Start Run utility using Window + R
  • Search “control Panel”
  • Click the OK button to start the Nvidia control panel windows 10.

Step 6: Reinstall NVIDIA Drivers From GeForce Experience

  • Clicking on the lump symbol, open the search bar at your taskbar. The Windows + S keyboard shortcut can also be used as an example
  • Type GeForce Experience and search the application’s initial search results
  • Switch to Tab Drivers and search for the section already installed. Click the button here and pick the driver reinstall
  • Follow the directions on the screen for reinstalling your existing driver. Reboot and attempt accessing the NVIDIA control panel if necessary

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Step 7: If Nvidia Control Panel Missing Windows 10

If you can’t find Nvidia control panel, It is a typical error to conceal the NVIDIA Panel, which means your system tray is missing. In rare situations, it is automatically hidden by Windows 10 or the subsequently installed third-party program. The NVIDIA Control Panel can be unhidden:

  • Go to the control panel for Windows 10. Click NVIDIA Control Panel from the items and change the Large icon view mode
  • Click on the top Desktop menu when the NVIDIA Control Panel has been opened. Please check the Add Desktop Context Menu and Show Tray icon next to the Notification Tray. If not, just click on it to add it
  • Close the NVIDIA Control Panel and try opening it with a right-click or a system tray
  • Make sure you adjust the category mode to your view. Click on the header for Hardware & Sound
  • Click the Power options section to select what power buttons will link to
  • You should observe here how your computer booting may be modified. You need to click on Change settings that are not accessible at the moment to change those settings
  • Just ensure that the quick launch is not checked, and then click on the button Save changes. When finished, restart your unit and see whether you can start the NVIDIA Control Panel.

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