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Opt for a Germany job seeker visa to work in this country

by Jimmy Alex

Germany has a large number of jobs. It is quite true that the German companies don’t have sufficient labor to fill the vacant positions with them. Germany is thriving with start-ups right now especially in the city of Berlin. Even a lot of students from overseas are coming into Germany right now because of such a flourishing job market. Germany also plans to open up a lot of MBA schools so that graduates from such schools can fill the need for the demand for labor in the German market. There are not many foreign-based MBA schools in Germany.

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How did German MBA schools open?

Earlier a diploma was considered sufficient in Germany. The diploma was a 4-year course in Germany with both the graduate and the master’s degrees made into one degree. Now, employers want an MBA.

This diploma was equal to an MBA degree. German law only allowed local universities of this country to dish out MBA degrees. However, starting an MBA degree became possible through collaboration with a foreign business school after 1998.

German companies before 1999 didn’t require someone to be an MBA. This requirement has only happened lately. In 1999 the Bologna process happened so that education can be synchronized across all the higher education programs of Europe. As a result, there are 476 MBA programs in Germany.

Increasing Importance of Education in Germany

Many German schools are now recognized and have got recognition from AMBA. The top study programs of MBA are offered through Hochschule Pforzheim, HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management and the TUM TechnischeUniversitätMünchen. In the years to come, the Bologna reforms will make sure that Germany’s international educational system will become popular.

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Germany’s MBA schools are getting a lot of increase in enrolment. The applications for admissions to the German MBA college of WHU(Otto Beisheim School of Management) have increased by 50% whereas those to ESMT (European School of Management and Technology )Berlin increased by 30% in 2018. Frankfurt School of Finance & Management’s also reported an enhancement of admission applications by 16%.

Why take the Germany job seeker visa?

It’s not necessary that when you decide to opt for the Germany job seeker visa of 6 months, you need any kind of knowledge of German. Many companies in Germany operate by using English as the main mode of instruction such as bank Allianz. The talent shortage has been found to exist in this country because of its aging population and low working age force due to low birth rate. In a survey, it was revealed that due to the lack of labor in Germany, there were costs incurred in terms of reduced profits. Mittlestand which is the name given to small-sized and medium companies have lost 31 billion euros in revenue and profits. Every year, after passing out from ESMT, 90% of its students are able to get jobs. So, once you are lucky enough to reach Germany on a job seeker visa, chances are abundant that you will get a job. There is also no dearth of startups in this country or you can even find jobs in so many MNCs which are situated here such as Bayer, Amazon, Deutsche or Boeing.


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