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8 Tips to use playing card boxes for your brands’ advertisement?

by Jimmy Alex
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Playing cards is an interesting indoor game that many people like to enjoy. It has been a popular game decades ago and people are still fascinated by it. Due to new technologies, people have other options to kill their time. However, playing cards is an enthralling activity. Brands that are selling playing cards need to protect them with quality boxes. The personalized playing card boxes can be designed according to the theme of the brand. These boxes are well designed and will protect the cards from getting damaged. There is no doubt that such packaging will play an important role in selling these cards better. Here is how to use playing card boxes for your brand’s advertisement:

Attractive designs 

Customers will never like to purchase boring packaging boxes. All the unattractive playing cards on the counter will not gain any attention from people. There is a good way to avoid this problem and you can also elevate your brand to the fullest. A customized packaging solution is turning out to be an attractive choice for many new and old buyers. No doubt aesthetically designed personalized playing card boxes will enhance your brand’s appeal. The variety of designs and artwork will give a fascinating and alluring display to the playing cards. If you don’t have any idea, hire a professional expert to design the best boxes.

Print information about your products

Many customers like to know what they are purchasing. When it comes to purchasing quality playing cards they want to know more about them. You have to print a description of playing cards at the top of the box. The expiry and production dates have to be advertised well. It will be good if you let your buyers know about the materials used for manufacturing these playing cards. If you want to avail the best printing options, digital and offset printing is used to make these boxes attractive. You can choose a vibrant color combination that includes black and white.

Gives an alluring display to playing cards

Packaging plays an important role in determining the sales of your products. Whenever a customer visits the retail store the first thing they will notice is the packaging. It will motivate them to make quick purchase decisions if the playing card boxes are aesthetically designed. The playing card boxes wholesale are available in different shapes, sizes, and styles.

You can also customize the box according to the demand of your products and the theme of your brand. Dull and uninteresting boxes will never gain any attention from buyers. You can give an alluring and professional display to playing cards to enhance sales instantly. Playing cards are different in size and shape but quality packaging can keep them safe.

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Quality matters 

Many brands are using playing card tuck boxes that look innovative and will impress customers. When it comes to presenting playing cards quality of packaging matters a lot. It will be the lifeline of the brand and also becomes their ambassador. Customers will look at the quality of the box before they make the final purchase. When the packaging is high quality it will give a good experience to the customer and they will come back for more.

Cardstock is one of the finest materials that is used for the manufacturing of playing card boxes. You can get the boxes designed according to the choice of targeted customers. This material is not only die-cut friendly but different printing options can be used for them.

Turn your packaging into a marketing tool

The playing card box must have an attractive packaging design so it can become your free marketing tool. You don’t need to invest your money into various campaigns but promote your brand for free. It will be best if you make use of custom printed playing card boxes that will promote your product. One of the most affordable ways to promote your products is by using attractive packaging.

You can design the playing card boxes with innovative designs and vibrant colors. When you get your logo embossed it will make your brand more prominent among buyers. You can also get your name, address, and brand’s story printed with various fonts. CMYK and PMS are used for printing various graphics. Embossing, debossing, and other coatings are also used to make the boxes attractive.

Easy Customization options 

The  custom printed cardboard box is a sturdy choice for keeping various playing cards safe. Playing cards are popular among people of all ages as they love to play this game in their free time. You can get the boxes designed according to the demands of customers. There is a variety of customization options that will grab the attention of buyers like never before. Minimalistic designs are used for attracting mature customers while bold and trendy designs are used for youngsters. You can add a window or die-cut to make these boxes even more alluring. Sleeves and inserts are also popular among many people that will make your product sell efficiently.

Focus on protection of products

One of the biggest concerns for brands is the protection of their products. If the box is too small it can damage the product while if it is too big it can become costly. The boxes you choose must protect the playing cards from all the harmful elements. Cardboard is a sturdy material that will protect the products from unnecessary creasing and tearing. It will be easy to carry lightweight boxes keeping the cards away from damage. You can add a protective layer on the exterior to make the playing card box even more durable.

The uniqueness of a window

If you want to bring a lot of charm to your personalized playing card boxes adding a window will be a perfect choice. It will attract a lot of customers as they can catch a glimpse of playing cards from outside. This addition can be incorporated at the top of the front of the box. You can also choose rectangular, square, or bottle-shaped boxes to make the product display a lot better than before. With the transparent window at the top, your buyers will know about the design and various aspects of products.

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