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Seven Ways to Become the Ultimate Likable Person

by Jimmy Alex
Ultimate Likable Person

Who wouldn’t want to be more liked and have a favorable image of themselves? There are several advantages to having individuals who are similar to us. We will build tighter and deeper bonds with those we desire in our life on a personal level. Being pleasant at work will improve our connections with our co-workers and boost our chances of advancement.

Many people believe that being liked is something we are born with or that it is a present trait that some individuals are fortunate to possess. We may become more liked by learning what makes others like us and making a determined and regular effort to practice those abilities in our interactions, just as we do with another human talent. When we begin to see the beneficial impact on our lives, we will soon be rewarded.

Here are seven strategies to improve our likeability

  1.  Demonstrate to people that you are delighted to meet them.

Give your finest grin, create eye contact, and open out your posture to its broadest position while meeting for the first time. If you’re shaking your hands, make sure they’re firm and that you’re making great eye contact. If you see something about them that you want to praise them on, go ahead and do it. If you’re aware of a recent and proud accomplishment, congratulate them on it.

  1.  Develop your listening skills.

Most individuals enjoy talking about themselves, and those who take the time to listen to what they have to say truly will like and respect it. The trouble is that we are often too preoccupied with planning our reaction and can’t wait to speak up, to truly listen.

Pretend we’re being tested to see how much we can learn about the other person the next time we’re having a discussion, and the more we discover, the better our prize.

 Assume you’ll be required to write an essay about what you learned from speaking with this individual.

  1.  When others are speaking, be completely present.

Have you ever had a conversation with someone and seen them looking at an attractive member of the opposing sex or checking their watch while you were talking? Or maybe they’ll take their phone out with them? You probably didn’t think you were very significant to that individual. Make others aware that you are concentrating on making them the focal point of your attention. Face them straight, smile, make eye contact, and let them know that while you’re with them, they’re the center of your universe.

  1.  Learn how to ask insightful questions.

When not provoked by excellent questions, conversations can die fast or devolve into monologues. When someone is talking about something, they like doing, asking them how they got into it or what makes them appreciate it so much is a wonderful approach to get them to go deeper into the issue. They’ll be grateful if you give them the chance to discuss more it since it’s something they’ve been itching to talk about. You will become someone they remember and want to be around, perhaps not consciously but subconsciously.

  1.  Look for locations where you can connect.

Discovering areas of interest is a great approach to strengthening our bonds with people and enhancing their respect. We form the strongest bonds with people with whom we share the most common interests. We may have to seek commonalities that aren’t always evident.

For example, at the gym where I work out, I frequently had the opportunity to speak with a committed runner.

There appeared to be no common ground for a meaningful dialogue because I had no interest in running.

However, because most individuals enjoy eating, I inquired what he ate before a large run. It provided us something in common with which to converse.

  1.  Their first names should address people, and significant details should be remembered.

The sound of their name is the loveliest sound for humans. If the chance arises, use it when you first meet them and sprinkle it throughout the conversation. Things significant to them, such as the names of their spouses, children, pets, and favorite vacation destinations, are remembered. By doing so and bringing them up at the proper occasions the next time you meet them, you will become someone who stands out in their minds. They’ll remember you better and look forward to additional interactions with you.

  1.  Seek out their areas of interest.

Pay attention to what makes individuals come alive, get active, light up their faces, and sit up straight while you’re chatting with them. These are chances for us to assist the speaker in delving further into issues they are passionate about. Speaking about topics that we are passionate about brings us great pleasure. We will create good strong impressions and lasting recollections of individuals who support and assist us in doing so.


Make sure you have a pleasant and calm tone of speech and an open and pleasing facial expression. If you do this, you indicate to the other person that you are excited to communicate with them.

One of the most crucial aspects of likability is ensuring that the nonverbal cues you convey to the other person are consistent with the actual words you say. Others will feel closer to you and more secure in trusting you if you say what you mean verbally and nonverbally.

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