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Shanice Shrestha: Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Income Status

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Shanice Shrestha

Shanice Shrestha is an Indian YouTuber, Vlogger, and actor. On her YouTube account Shanice Shrestha Vlogs, she has over five lakh followers (as of July 2020). Her YouTube channel now contains more than 250 videos. She has also appeared in programmes such as Savdhaan India and Life Lafde Aur Bandiya in India. Her Instagram feed has over half a million followers.

Shanice Shrestha used to be an actress, and she still enjoys acting on occasion. She is now a full-time lifestyle vlogger, fashion icon, and blogger. She also writes about her life experiences, beauty goods, and trips on her blog. She enjoys sharing her opinions and experiences with her viewers via vlogs and blogs.

Shanice enjoys shopping, travelling, and being creative in her chosen industries. There are millions of fans of her on her YouTube page and other social media platforms. She is from an upper-middle-class household. Her mother is a teacher, as is her sister Nikita. She resides in Mumbai’s Malad neighbourhood.

In this article, we will see a few of the major details from the life of Shanice Shreshta.

Shanice Shrestha Wiki

Shanice Shrestha

Shanice Shrestha Wiki

Shanice Shrestha was born on July 31, 1995 (Shanice Shrestha age is 26 years old as of 2021 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India to Centol Shrestha and her father. She was born to a Hindu (Nepali) father and a Catholic (Indian) mother. Shanice is a Taekwondo red-belt (a Korean martial art form). 

Olivia Shrestha is her younger sister’s name. She went to Carmel of St. Joseph School in Mumbai and graduated from St.College Andrew’s of Arts, Science, and Commerce in Mumbai with a bachelor’s degree in mass media. She also graduated from Mumbai’s ITA School of Performing Arts with a certificate in acting.

She also finished an acting programme at Mumbai’s ITA School of Performing Arts. Shanice is said to be dating Nikhil Sharma aka ” Mumbaikar Nikhil “, a well-known Indian YouTuber. As a pillion, she also went on several bike trips with him. Shanice began her acting career in 2014 with the series Savdhaan India, and she then appeared in UTV Bindass’ “Life Lafde Aur Bandiya.” 

She has performed on stage with Salman Khan and an episode of “Bigg Boss.” Shanice Shrestha Bigg Boss episode got her more famous. She is a fashion and lifestyle blogger under the moniker “Lifestyle Durry” and has a YouTube channel called “Shanice Shrestha Vlogs” in addition to being an actress. Shanice is a social influencer in addition to vlogging. She is a spokesperson for several cosmetics and fashion labels.

Shanice Shrestha Career

Shanice Shrestha


Shanice Shrestha age is 26 years old, and she has achieved a lot for a person of this age. Shanice began her acting career in 2014 with the lengthy serial Savdhaan India. Following 2014, she landed the biggest role of her career in UTV Bindass’ “Life LafdeAurBandiya.” She also appeared in a segment from “Bigg Boss” and was seen alongside Salman Khan in front of an audience.

She has a YouTube channel called “Shanice Shrestha Vlogs” and is also a designer. She also has a second channel named “Shanice Shrestha blogs. Shanice spent a lot of time with her partner, Mumbiker Nikhil, on the K2K (Kashmir to Kanyakumari) trip, and this news helped her get fans on her online life profile.

Shanice has a distinct speaking style that she adheres to at all times. If she hadn’t been an on-screen character, she would have been a full-time YouTuber, according to her. Shanice Shreshtha blogs have made her popular in her online life, and she is well-known among her followers, who are largely from India. 

She has over 250 thousand Instagram followers and a YouTube channel with over 300 thousand subscribers. Shanice and Nikhil also travelled to Nepal, the Czech Republic (Prague), Abu Dhabi, Macau, Leh-Ladakh, and a slew of other more energetic locations throughout the world. 

She had a great experience in Prague when she met Prajakta Koli, another prominent Indian YouTuber. Shanice is known for being a social influencer in addition to vlogging. She wears a variety of cosmetics and architect’s clothing from a variety of companies. In 2019, she also worked for Plum Goodness as the face of their cosmetic goods. 

In Shanice Shreshtha’s Instagram account, she promotes Nykaa skincare products and Thefaceshopindia. Shanice also worked with Maybelline, Bio-Oil, and Parachute body lotion, among other brands.

Shanice Shrestha Boyfriend

Shanice Shrestha


Shanice Shrestha is a well-known young celebrity. Everyone should consider her and their connection. A lot of people need to worry about her boyfriend. Furthermore, a sizable portion of the population believes that Mumbiker Nikhil is Shanice Shrestha’s sweetheart. They felt this way since Mumbiker Nikhil and Shanice work together and are also old friends. 

They work together and have excellent science. Shanice was an actor and a freelance model before she started her own Youtube channel, and it was Nikhil who motivated her to do so. Nikita is the name of Shanice’s and Nikhil’s sister. She and Nikhil met on the set of products in 2014, while they were both auditioning for roles.

She had dated two men in her life before to Nikhil. Nikhil’s Youtube channel had just about 3000 subscribers when she became acquainted with him. In her vlog, she is quite serious, but in Nikhil’s vlog, she is playful. She and Nikhil are both coworkers. She is the one who chooses the locations for her and Nikhil’s bike rides. She has a bucket list of destinations she wants to visit with Nikhil and her friends over her lifetime.

Shanice Shrestha Brand Endorsements

Shanice Shrestha

Brand Endorsements

She has quickly risen to the top of the social media influencer rankings, with large followings on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. She is well-known for her collaborations with several well-known YouTubers, and she can be seen in practically every video by prominent travel vlogger Nikhil Sharma, the proprietor of the Mumbiker Nikhil YouTube channel. 

In February 2019, she collaborated with the iconic beauty goods firm plum goodness, which is known for its natural and paraben-free beauty products. In an Instagram post, she also recommended Nykaa skin products and thefaceshopindia.

Shanice Shrestha Income & Cars

Shanice Shrestha

Income & Cars

Shanice Shrestha’s main sources of income include showing, performing, altering YouTube videos, and Shanice Shrestha vlogs. She normally lives with her own family in Mumbai, India, in her flats, since everyone knows she is a family person.

Shanice Shrestha’s remuneration typically allowed her to live a basic and normal lifestyle, but no additional information is given. Shanice just taught her parents “TataNexon” on their 27th wedding anniversary.

Shanice Shrestha Instagram

Shanice Shrestha


Shanice Shrestha is an online networking influencer, as you may have seen. Shanice Shrestha Instagram account, @shaniceshrestha, has 329K followers. Shanice Shrestha’s youtube channel has 357K subscribers.

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