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How to determine your skin type?

by Jimmy Alex
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We ought to choose the beauty product as per our skin type because if the products are not as per our skin, it may lead to a lot of side effects. You must use skincare products as per your skin type. There are various online platforms that come with a lot of features and enable you to choose the right product as per your skin type.

Brands like Mcaffiene have many products suitable for your skin types like complete coffee skincare for exfoliating your skin and removing tan from your skin, green tea quick face detox kit for helping your skin rejuvenate your skin better, and various such others. Now, many people do not know their skin type.

So, today we will let you know how to determine your skin type. You will find it much easier to find the right product for your skin type once you become familiar with your skin type. 

The most significant step in caring for your skin comes in considering your precise skin type as well as how it adapts to convinced conditions or seasonality. Your skin is your body’s principal organ, as multifaceted and bright as your heart, lungs, liver as well as erstwhile fundamental organs. Using purifiers and treatments with the intention of being harsh still, if they are optional for unnecessary oiliness, may send out the signal to your skin that additional oil is in fact needed. 

Every individual skin is exclusive, but there are a small number of ordinary skin types that may assist you in recognizing where your skin fits in the most. The three major skin types are frequently referred to as greasy, normal/amalgamation, and dry. Here are two trouble-free ways to decide your skin type at the house:


Wash your face methodically with a mild purifier and quietly pat dry. Leave skin naked (and do not be relevant to any supplementary moisturizers, serums, or treatments). Subsequent to 30 minutes, scrutinize your cheeks, chin, nose, and forehead for any glow. After one more 30 minutes, assess whether your skin feels dried up, particularly if you smirk or make any previous facial expressions. If your skin feels stretched, your skin is probably dry.

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determine your skin type

If there is perceptible shine on your nose in addition to your forehead, your skin is mainly likely normal/combination. If you excel on your cheeks in adding together to your forehead as well as nose, you most expect to have oily skin.


This process is much more rapid, and often an outstanding differentiator stuck between oily and dry skin type. Gently tap a blotting paper on the dissimilar areas of your face. Hold the piece up to the luminosity to decide how much oil is noticeable. If the sheet is selected up modestly with no oil, you probably have dry skin.

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If the blotting sheet discloses oil from the forehead plus nose areas, your skin is normal/combination. Ultimately, if the blotting paper is drenched with oil, it is tremendously likely that you have greasy skin.

Avoiding chemical products and using skin-friendly products with no side effects is always a good idea. With either of these two methods, you will be able to determine your skin type. You can easily practice these methods at home without any difficulties.

Choosing the right product will definitely help you get a normal skin type. On the other hand, using the wrong skin type products can lead to depletion in the skin health also. Find your skin type and give utmost care to your skin!

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