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Sports trivia for kids

by Jimmy Alex
Sports trivia for kids


Trivia quizzes and fun fact games have started to take over the world and are becoming extremely popular. Of the thousands of different types of trivia quizzes, one tends to be the most popular. This trivia I’m talking about is sports trivia for kids.

Sports trivia is a general category in the sense that it includes trivia for all sports (including those that are not considered “real” sports). Sports trivia games have questions about boxing, horse racing, badminton, soccer, football, and more. There is also a crochet trivia quiz.

Sports trivia for kids

This article presents some facts that fall under the category “Sports Trivia”. If you are looking for this kind of knowledge, you are reading the right article.

Sports trivia for kids

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1. The Dallas Cowboys were the only team to win three Super Bowls in the 1990s. They won Super Bowl XXVII in 1993, Super Bowl XXVIII in 1994, and Super Bowl XXX in 1996.

2. The first pitcher to pitch a no-hitter inning and lose was Ken Johnson. His team at the time (the Houston Colts) lost 1-0 after making two mistakes that allowed them to run in the ninth inning.

3. Basketball was invented in 1891 by Dr. James Naismith, a Canadian living in Massachusetts. He wanted to keep his children healthy and develop games that could be played indoors during the long Massachusetts winters.

4. There are 82 games in the current NHL season.

5. A record score of 59 on the 18 holes of the LPGA Tour. Annika Sorenstam achieved this score on the 2001 Standard Record Pin at the Moon Valley Country Club.

Sports trivia for kids

6. In NASCAR, the white flag waving means there is only one lap left in the race.

7. The top four winners of the Indianapolis 500 are A.J. Voith. He won it in 1977, 1967, 1964, and 1961.

8. The Tour de France has been held since 1903. But the Americans did not win until Greg LeMond accomplished that feat in 1986. Then it was repeated in 1989 and 1990.

9. Women’s Professional Soccer (WPS) is the last sports league in North America and was founded in 2009.

10. Delon Sanders was the first person to play in both the Super Bowl and the World Series. He played in Super Bowl XXIX (1994) and the 1992 World Series.

Sports trivia for kids

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to sports trivia. There are literally hundreds of sports trivia books, magazines, and websites that overload your brain with information. I hope you have learned something from this article and are ready for your next sports trivia game.

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