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The 10 Worst Teams In NBA History

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The lowest NBA records of all time involved teams that lacked talent outright. These clubs plummeted to the bottom of the standings because they couldn’t find out how to win games. Now it’s time to face the worst NBA teams on the OKBET site. Some of them can’t even win 10 out of 82 games. In these cases, it was a multi-season streak of poor performance. Those circumstances will distribute later. However, for rating, we concentrate primarily on the season in question.

1. Dallas Mavericks 1992-93 (11-71 Record)

Rating percentage: 13.4%

The 92-93 Mavericks are the poorest National Basketball Association club ever in terms of statistics. The offensive and defensive ratings are both 99.5, with the offensive rating being 99.5 and the defensive rating being 99.5. (114.7). Dallas had the lowest opponent points per game in the league. With a score of -14.68 in Basketball Reference’s Simple Rating System that season, they were likewise dead bottom.

This team lacked veteran leadership and was simply inexperienced. Tanking is a common practice in the NBA to obtain high draft picks, and the Mavericks were successful. They simply let their young men run around on the court as if it were a pickup game. After a dismal season, they drafted Jason Kidd and Jamal Mashburn in the next two NBA Drafts, respectively.

2. Los Angeles Clippers 1986-87 (12-70 Record)

Rating percentage: 14.6%

The Clippers had a difficult time in the 1980s. They didn’t break.500 for the entire decade, and it wasn’t until the 1991-92 season that they did. Their 86-87 season is the poorest in this time frame. The rest of the roster was decent, but the club hadn’t gelled well enough to succeed against the league’s solid opponents. Furthermore, morale was at an all-time low at this point. The Clippers were lowest in both offensive (101.2) and defensive (101.2) ratings (112.3). This team also let up 115.9 points per game, which was the league’s second-worst mark.

3. New Jersey Nets 2009-10 (12-70 Record)

Rating percentage: 14.6%

In an 82-game season, how do you win only 12 games? If you’re the Nets, you start the season with an 18-game losing streak. The New Jersey Nets didn’t win their first game until December 4, and it was against the Charlotte Bobcats, who were as terrible. The Nets ended 38 games behind the Boston Celtics in the Atlantic Division, with the poorest offensive rating in the league.

4. Philadelphia 76ers 1972-73 (9-73 Records)

Rating percentage: 11%

They got going the season by losing the initial 15 games. A 14 game and a then-record 20 game losing streak implied the Sixers after 62 games, where 4-58, a 0.065 winning rate, a speed which would mean they would wind up 5-77. Despite this, they went on to win five of their next seven games, including a victory over the presumptive favorites, the New York Knicks. The positive thinking wouldn’t endure anymore as they lost the last 13 games to wind up with the most terrible record in an 82 game season in NBA history. There is trust that the present Sixers pack can follow their strides and return to the top.

5. Charlotte Bobcats 2011-12 (7-59 Records)

Rating percentage: 10.6%

The Charlotte Bobcats are widely regarded as the worst NBA team ever. The 2011-12 Bobcats were dreadful, and luckily for them, the season was cut short due to the lockout, with only 66 games played. They exceeded due to mixed injuries and a lack of talent, and it should never have come to this. The Bobcats were 7-36 after a 16-game losing run after a 2-4 start and appeared to be in no danger of producing the worst percentage-wise record in NBA history, but they did. The Bobcats finished with a.106 winning percentage after losing their final 23 games.

6. Denver Nuggets 1997-98 (11-71 Records)

Rating percentage: 13.4%

The 97-98 Nuggets were bland after they neglected to re-sign their rising star, Dikembe Mutombo, one season earlier. Mutombo might have been an established foundation on the off chance that he chose to remain in Denver. Aside from LaPhonso Ellis and Johnny Newman, the Nuggets essentially came up short on the ability to go up against greater and better groups in the last part of the 90s. Losing streaks stacked up from 12 to 16 and later to an astounding 23 games. The Nuggets completed the standard season with the most exceedingly awful cautious rating (112.1) and the second-most terrible hostile rating (99.0). They additionally permitted 100.8 focuses per game which were fourth-most terrible in the association.

7. Atlanta Hawks 2004-05 (13-69 Records)

Rating percentage: 13.6 %

In the central month of the period, the Hawks lost 12 of their initial 14 games. They continue to collapse, losing 31 of their last 35 games and finishing the season with the worst record in the league at 13-69.

8. Houston Rockets 1982-83 (14-68 Records)

Rating percentage: 11.6 %

Because of monetary challenges, Houston exchanged their most significant player, Moses Malone, to the Philadelphia 76ers before the beginning of the period. They completed the season with a 14-68 record, the most terrible in organization history. They began the season 0-10 and had eight unmistakable losing dashes of around five games, with only one two-game dominate streak. Their short 11.6 standard scoring edge was the fifth-most awful in NBA history.

9. Vancouver Grizzlies 1996-97 (8-42 Records)

Rating percentage: 11.6 %

The Grizzlies were one of the association’s freshest clubs, having just been around for two years. What else would another crew be able not out of the ordinary to do yet battle? They completed the season with a 14-68 record, and this was likely one of the worst in NBA history.

10. Los Angeles Clippers 1986-87 (12-70 Records)

Rating percentage: 14.6%

The Clippers had a poor season due to several internal issues that forced them to struggle throughout the year. They lost many games and finished the season with a 12-70 record. The Clippers were lowest in both offensive (101.2) and defensive (101.2) ratings (112.3). This team also let up 115.9 points per game, which was the league’s second-worst mark.

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