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The Quebec Immigration Plan for 2022

by Abhay Choubey
Quebec Immigration

The Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSW) is an immigration program for professionals with skills and experience contributing to Quebec’s economy as a part of the workforce. Quebec has a particular contract for immigration with the Government of Canada. 

The province has its own Quebec immigration process for selecting immigrants, including a few different for approving the application. For instance, all the skilled workers applying for the Quebec immigration program should achieve an excellent QSW score to get selected for Quebec certification. 

Two Stages to Apply for Quebec Immigration:

  1. You can apply directly on the Government of Quebec portal for a Quebec selection certificate. The province will then review you based on their designed parameters. In addition, the certificate will validate your acceptance by the province of Quebec as an immigrant. 
  2. If the province of Quebec allots you a Quebec selection certificate, you should apply to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada for permanent residence.

Problems Faced by Quebec Province: 

The province falls short of the employment it needs to enhance its economic growth. Currently, Quebec has the lowest employment rate in the country. One of the reasons for this low employment is the province’s population is primarily of age above 65. Quebec also has a low birth rate. This is why the region faces a labor shortage, leading to increased job vacancies. 

Labor shortages lead to difficulties in working in full strength for the employers, making it challenging to fulfill the consumers’ demands. It eventually leads to a decline in economic growth. The province only admitted approximately 25,000 immigrants in 2020, which was about 44,000 below its target for that year. Furthermore, employers are now brawling to hire workers.

The Quebec Immigration Plan for 2022:

  • The Quebec government is looking forward to compensating for the fall in immigration during the initial year of the pandemic by welcoming about 70,000 newcomers. The province aims to achieve this in 2022 through the Quebec immigration program.


  • The province of Quebec will select 49,500 to 52,500 immigrants in 2022 across various categories, including an additional 18,000 applications that were not accepted earlier by the federal government in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • Regarding immigration, the Canada-Quebec Accord ensures the sharing of the two governments’ responsibilities. Quebec is accountable for selecting immigrants, refugees abroad, and application processing on humanitarian grounds. The federal government will remain the sole entity responsible for welcoming immigrants on Canadian land.


  • Immigration Officer Nadine Giraulth mentioned that this scenario would mitigate specific socio-economic repercussions created by the pandemic and equip the government of Quebec with the essential levers to continue to respond to the workforce needs in several important economic sectors.


  • Now, Jean Boulet has taken over as the Immigration Officer for Quebec. In the National Assembly, Boulet revealed that the government is firmly committed to ensuring that immigration contributes to the strong relaunch of the economy of Quebec, the vitality of the French language, and regions.


  • Quebec province focuses on welcoming 33,900 applications, under the economic immigration category with the most significant number of newcomers. Under this category, Quebec wants to include 28,800 skilled workers, 4,300 business immigrants (investors, entrepreneurs, self-employed candidates), and 18,600 for family members, dependents, refugees, and others.


  • The new figures depict a rise in Quebec’s immigration targets compared to the last two years. This increase is in sync with the promise made by the province’s current governing party, the Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ), to gradually increase the number of newcomers after reducing admission targets in 2019. The CAQ initiated a 20% decrease to enhance the selection of newcomers to Quebec.


  • The government needs 65 percent of the workers in 2022 as economic immigrants. However, the province is trying to compensate for immigration numbers reduced in 2020 due to the global pandemic. It expects to reach its earmark for 2021 by admitting 44,500 and 47,500 immigrants. 


  • Mrs. Veronique Proulx declared that the rise in economic immigration thresholds has become crucial for Quebec. Moreover, almost half of manufacturing companies believe that this is a solution to the labor shortage.


  • MIFI mentioned that the extra immigrants in 2022 will allow to speed up the process of PR applications under the Special Program for Asylum Seekers in Quebec, submitted during the COVID-19 period 


  • It is essential to accept that the increase in levels of immigration will not solve all of Quebec’s labor market problems. Analysts also pointed out that different solutions are required, like enhanced skills training and supporting members of society to access job opportunities. Moreover, immigration is a crucial part of the equation. 

Quebec is now expecting the advancement in the Quebec immigration process and seems to have good days ahead regarding the availability of skilled workers. The immigration count announced for the Quebec immigration program for 2022 is the highest compared to the last two years.

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