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The Real Secret Menu for In-N-Out

by Gaurav Gupta
The Real Secret Menu for In-N-Out

View on PriceListo the In-N-Out menu and prices, and you might feel disappointed that there are so few items available. The truth is, there’s an In-N-Out secret menu. Some of the items in the secret menu are so famous that they’re even listed on the In-N-Out website. 

But there are more items on the In-N-Out secret menu than you might think. Here are some actually secret menu items you may want to try out: 

  1. Animal Fries

Yes, it’s true that while the In-N-Out burgers are justly famous for how great they taste, the same can’t be said for their fries. At best, they’re just average, but some folks think that they’re outright atrocious. That’s why the secret menu comes with several alternatives. 

The first is the Animal Fries, which is similar to the Animal Style burgers. You have the fries in a box, and then they’re topped with the signature sauce and melted American cheese, along with some caramelized onions. All these toppings can hide the true nature of the fries. 

  1. Roadkill Fries

Yes, the name doesn’t sound so appetizing, does it? Basically, you get yourself some Animal Fries, and then you modify that order further by crumbling bits of the burger patty on top. You can order the patty separately, and then just do the mix yourself. 

With this order, you might not even need to get a burger, since you already have a patty here. 

  1. Cheesy Fries

This is just a stack of fries with lots of melted cheese on top. It’s not as messy as the Animal Fries, and the cheese may be enough to hide the inferior taste and texture of the French fries. 

  1. Cheesy Well-Done Fries

One of the complaints about the fries is that they’re wilted and soggy. You can try to avoid that by specifying that you want your French fries cooked well done. That makes them crispier. Add the melted cheese on top, and you might just like the resulting taste. 

  1. The Flying Dutchman

This is a version of the Double Double, as it features merely the 2 beef patties and 2 slices of melted cheese. There are no other fixings here—no lettuce, no tomato, and no onion. Heck, you don’t even have the buns, or the large lettuce leaves replacement. 

Instead, you have the paper wrapper, and the 2 patties act as the bun with the melted cheese in between. The name is due to how this was a favorite snack of the founder Harry Snyder, who was Dutch. 

  1. Scooby Snack

This is simply the cute name for ordering a single patty. You might want to do this because you want to use the patty for the Roadkill Fries. Or perhaps you’re simply tired of eating the vegetables, and you want the pure taste of the excellent beef patty at In-N-Out. In fact, some people who have ordered this were actually fake vegetarians, who wanted a quick taste of beef while not under the eye of their vegetarian partner. 

Whatever your reason may be, it’s part of the In-N-Out secret menu. 

  1. Extra Salt on the Grill

For some people adding a bit of salt to a burger makes it tastier. If you think that the burger is a bit bland, then just ask that they add a pinch of salt to the patties while they’re on the grill. 

  1. Mustard on the Grill

Here, you ask the In-N-Out folks for a mustard-grilled burger (of any variety). This means they add a squire of mustard on the patty while it’s on the grill. The taste is a bit tangier as a result. 

  1. Well Done and Medium Rare Patties

Most fat-food joints (including In-N-Out) cook their patties medium or medium well. But you can insist on having it cooked well done. The CDC will approve, since that organization recommends that ground beef should be cooked to an internal temperature of 160 degrees F

On the other hand, some people will call that well-done burger patty as nothing more than a hockey puck. If you’re the sort of person who doesn’t mind the risk of food poisoning, then you can ask for medium rare. Some say that medium rare ground beef is flavorful and delightfully juicy.  

  1. Arnold Palmer

What will you drink with your burger and fries? You can serve yourself an Arnold Palmer, and then go mix the pink lemonade with some iced tea. For best results, try for 60% pink lemonade, with 40% iced tea. 

  1. Lemon Up

The name is due to how this drink combines the lemonade with 7Up. Go with 80% pink lemonade, as the 20% 7Up will be just enough to give it the froth you’re looking for. 

  1. Neapolitan Shake

With the milkshake, you officially have 3 flavors to choose from. But you’re not actually limited to just the chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry flavors. Mix the 3 together, and you have the Neapolitan Shake! 

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