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The Taj Residencia Development Updates 2021

by Jimmy Alex
The Taj Residencia Development Updates 2021

 The Sardar Group of Companies built taj Residencia to attract Pakistanis worldwide to invest in the region. Since it is near CDA Sector I-14, I-15, and I-16, there is a lot of land on the site.It has made an effort to provide inhabitants with access to nearly all services.

The society is surrounded by fresh air, wide-open spaces, natural views, lush foliage with a gorgeous sunset, new world-class features, local conveniences, and a lot of family appeal, making it an excellent choice for any potential buyer.

When it comes to the finest real estate investments for 2021, Taj Residencia is, without a doubt, at the top of the list. The developers of Taj Residencia have made it their highest priority to complete the development work as quickly as possible. Here are the latest Taj Residencia development updates 2021:

Blocks and Plots Development:

According to the most recent sources, Taj Residencia’s development work is moving quickly. It’s a massive housing complex with excellent living and investment prospects.

On the other hand, society is being built in a new way to fit the needs of modern investors. Taj Residencia is made up of eleven blocks. As a result, Blocks A, B, C, and D are being developed right now.

Professional engineers, designers, and artisans precisely detail each piece. People have started to build residences in these areas as well.

Furthermore, massive infrastructure projects are being carried out to the highest possible standards. Despite increased investment and residential demand, the Taj Residencia developers want to finish the project as soon as possible.

Society delivers the best value for money even in its early stages of growth. Because plot prices at Taj Residencia will climb after construction is completed, now is the best time to book your plot.

Untiring efforts are being made to bring the project to successful completion. There are several plots, each of which is unique in its way.

The employees have already been given a deadline to complete those plots. Officials at Taj Residencia are optimistic that the project will be completed within a year, allowing residents to move in sooner.

Taj Residencia Villas, ranging in size from 1 to 14 Marlas, are also being constructed. All of the work will take around a year to finish.

Phase 2:

Phase 2 of such a distinguished housing society will open soon, according to Taj Residencia’s most recent proposal.

Phase 2 of the project will start as soon as phase 1 is completed. The master plan for phase 2 of the real estate project contains several other public, commercial areas.

Jamia Mosque:

The Jamia Mosque’s construction is now complete. It is one of the housing scheme’s several mosques. The designers understand that the structural concept, material selection, and functional and aesthetic applications all play a role in determining what it conveys.

As a result, they constructed the mosque utilizing a multi-step process that used standard materials, skilled labor, innovative ideas, and socioeconomic and geographical factors.


The carpeting of the main boulevard and the streets have been completed by the developers. The pipelines have also been placed underground. They’ve covered them in asphalt and concrete, both of which are excellent road-building materials.


Plantation is one of the most pleasurable and environmentally friendly activities to help the environment. Subsequently, a large number of palm trees and plants have already been established. As a result, Taj Residencia places a high value on maintaining a clean and green environment.


Taj Residencia’s future development plans are surely moving along swiftly. As a result, it will only be a matter of time before the community is entirely built, equipped with luxury amenities. Continue to check back with Sigma Properties for further details.

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