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The Value of Philanthropy – Five Reasons to Give to Charity

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The Value of Philanthropy

Philanthropy is associated with the art of giving. This behavior has only one motive, to be benevolent towards the world by donating parts of your wealth to charitable organizations or people in general.

Without philanthropists like Bill Gates, Melinda Gates, Rockefeller’s, and Moez Kassam Anson Funds Co-Founder, the world would be deprived of so many resources or dreams derived from the affections of others. 

Five Reasons to Give to Charity

Charity allows you to take a step back from the material part of the world and focus on the humanitarian aspect. When people donate to charity, they benefit so many. The following five reasons are listed to explain why one needs to give to charity.

  • Benefit Others and Their Causes

As mentioned above, when people donate, they benefit others. You know what your world is like. You hear of people suffering from poverty. You hear of children suffering from malnutrition, war, and health-related problems. You hear of animals in the ocean or jungle dying just so people can have a soda or fur for amusement purposes. 

Focusing on the material world is likely to fill you. It is like a void; the more you buy, or the more you consume yourself, the more you wish to have. But when you take a small part of your wealth and donate to causes that are fighting above and more, you help others. You become useful; your wealth becomes useful.

“You can only understand true compassion when you benefit others.” 

  • Create an Impact

When you donate, you start a chain which in turn creates an impact. Imagine when because of you, a student can achieve her scholarship. Some children will be fed with real food. Some animals would be saved and returned to their rightful habitat. It doesn’t matter what cause you believe in, and the willingness to join it and do something about it helps you in making the world a better place. It takes one person, one dollar bill to make the change you wish to create in the world. So instead of waiting for it, why not start it yourself.

“With one little action, the chain reaction will never end; make it start, shine a light and send it on.”

  • Achieve Mental Peace 

“The richest man in the world is not the happiest. It is the one who sleeps with a calm mind.” 

Every day there is a bustle in life. People are always in a hurry to catch a worm, seize a moment, grab an opportunity and somehow become rich. Being rich is often associated with happiness.

If that were true, there wouldn’t be any problems. The key to truly enjoying and feeling the happiness around you is when you truly share a part of something with others. It could be wealth, your time, your belongings, etc. It is proven through multiple research that when you donate, your brain automatically releases dopamine allowing you to feel happy. Also, the mental health of those who donate is considerably better than those who don’t.

  • Give Life a Meaning

Life can sometimes lose its essence when all you do is follow your routine. The world is suffering from so many troubles, and nothing makes it better. At one point or another, it is bound to affect you. By donating to charitable causes, you give your life meaning. You allow your humanity to surface and promote the welfare of others. 

When people around you are happy and safe, you feel the same too. Life is more than just sitting on mounds of money. Take a look at all of the personalities earning so much, like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Moez Kassam, Bill Gates, etc. All have one thing in common: wealth and their desire to change the world for the better through their services, time, and resources. So instead of thinking about yourself in a castle all the time, imagine the smiles on people’s faces when they receive your help. Imagine their happiness. 

Life is meaningful when you have a reason to laugh, make others laugh, and show moments of true affection from time to time.”

  • Benefit Yourself

When you give to others, you not only feed your soul, but you benefit yourself as well. By giving an amount to charity, you immediately pay your taxes as well. Meaning whatever part of your wealth you donated will be cut off from your tax. So, give to others, help them and yourself too.


Charities, donations, acts of philanthropy exist to remind humans of their fellow brothers and the humanity they carry inside. To make a ripple, someone has to start it. So, play your part by donating and bringing the change you wish to see in the world.

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