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Therapies for Substance Abuse Disorders

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Therapies for Substance Abuse Disorders

Addiction of any sort is a complex issue. You will come across cases of addiction from across various regions and races. A few years ago, an estimated 20.7 million Americans needed such treatment for substance abuse. Addiction requires in-depth diagnosis and therapy for an extended period. It can affect you in the social, mental, and physical spheres. There are numerous reasons behind such addiction, which have to be unearthed before therapy or treatment starts.

Genetics also plays a massive role in it. Moreover, specific communities are at risk, where parental control is missing. Children often take to substance abuse emulating their seniors. Family conflicts can also lead to such cases of substance abuse. 

Whatever the reason, the most important thing is to overcome it. For that, read the several ways mentioned below to tackle the issue.

Behavioral Therapy

This is a kind of therapy that you can avail of. It involves an approach on the part of the counselor to provide the patient with incentives to abstain from drugs. It also helps to modify the attitude and behaviors of the individual. Counselors will also help you cope better and deal with stressful situations calmly and composedly. You can stay at a rehabilitation center to get treated. It creates a buffer zone so that no external condition can affect you while getting treated. Rehab for heroin or cocaine addiction has several treatment modalities like the community re-enforcement approach or motivational enhancement, to name a few.

The community re-enforcement approach is outpatient therapy. If you are addicted to any substance or liquor, you can avail yourself of this treatment. The main aspect of the modality is to make you abstain from substances and associated intoxicants by rewards and recreational activities. Motivational enhancement therapy is another option that takes the counseling approach. The counselor uses motivational interview principles to strengthen motivation levels and then suggests a plan. These therapies are doing well today.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

CBT is one of the most followed treatment modalities where substance abuse is concerned. It helps break the cycle of addiction and can also lead to healing. It is a talk therapy that the psychologist or counselor engages in. Besides, it will help you get over self-destructive disorders and harmful thoughts. Moreover, these unhealthy behavioral patterns often lead to abuse and anxiety. The experts have often diagnosed dual ailments associated with substance abuse disorders.

The treatment is based on the interconnection between your emotions, behaviors, and thoughts. These lead to negativity in an individual. When you are governed by negativity, you will deliver negative consequences. The therapy aims to break this vicious cycle. The professionals will not follow any single option. Still, they may combine a few different therapies under CBT, like relapse prevention and behavioral couples treatment, to get the best results.

Rehab for heroin or cocaine addiction has several treatment modalities like the community re-enforcement approach or motivational enhancement, to name a few. There is also an online suboxone clinic available for those people who feel shy consulting physically to a doctor.

Experiential Therapy

In this therapy, patients use expressive tools and activities to recreate certain situations from the past and present. Roleplaying and music are two tools that can give a pathway to express hidden emotions. It will help you analyze and release negative thoughts by changing the outcomes in your re-enactment.

The counselor will also teach you healthy coping mechanisms to improve your life after release from therapy. You can also get relief from emotions such as anger, pain, and eating disorders. After undergoing this therapy, you can handle dark memories better and change how you deal with the future.

Family Therapy

At times, it has been seen that troubled family relationships lead a person to substance abuse. Hence, certain therapists believe that family counseling and therapy are as important. You will find such treatment extremely useful in clearing conflicts within relationships. Sometimes, you might delve into the background and find out that addiction is a genetic disease that runs in the family.

In such a scenario, families are made for sharing their reasons for such addictive behaviors, apart from stress, shame, and other fears, in a safe therapeutic environment. Such therapy can transform the entire family so that cases of abuse do not arise in the future. Family therapy mainly focuses on marital strain, grief, cheating, financial issues, and parenting issues.

Meditation Therapy

This is a holistic approach that is different from clinical approaches. It can also reduce stress and anxiety. The main aim of mediation is to align the body, mind, and soul. You learn to control your breathing patterns as well. This can give you a feeling of relaxation, whereby you can think and make decisions calmly.


These are some of the best therapies for substance abuse disorders. You can trust these to the core. Moreover, knowledge of such treatments can make you aware of the possibilities and elevate trust in your therapist.

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