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Tips to deal with a real estate agent

by jhon duncen
Tips to deal with a real estate agent

Know the real estate agent’s history and the mode of payment before hiring him. Also avoid getting carried away by the talks of a real estate agent. Do a prior research!

Planning to buy or sell a home is one of the tedious tasks and adding on to it is to find an apt and honest real estate agent like REP Calgary Homes. Finding your desired real estate agent can be a little tricky if you are dealing with the real estate agent for the first time. It is always better that you gain an ample amount of knowledge before assigning a real estate agent to complete your task of buying/selling.

There are many salesmen who assure you of giving you the best, perhaps you need to stop for a second and look back on what are the important things which you can consider before assigning a real estate agent for your project.

Who is a real estate agent?

A real estate agent is also known as a real estate broker and is a person who acts as an intermediary between sellers and buyers of real estate/real property and attempts to find sellers who wish to sell and buyers who wish to buy.

Tips which can help you deal with real estate agent wisely;

Apprehend that the real estate agent you hire works on commission basis:

Before you hire a real estate agent you need to do a detailed research of his past history and know all the requirements. Read “How to Choose the Right Real Estate Agent” to know the requisites of getting the right real estate agent. Talking about the ways to deal with a real estate agent, you should keep in mind that the facts like the commission part of a real estate agent and that there are very few real estate agents who work on salary. Also consider that the agent gets paid only if he/she closes the transaction and make sure that you pay the agent for their work rather than expecting them to work for free.

Be punctual about your appointments with a real estate agent:

This is most important thing which should be followed while dealing with a real estate agent as being punctual will make the agent feel responsible. Also you should be respectful and use common courtesy and consider the work priority of a real estate agent and expect them to leave their chores for you. Avoid cancelling an appointment with a real estate agent and keep in mind that you are not the only client the agent has to deal with and can dedicate the entire day towards. In case if there is a need for you to cancel the appointment or you cannot make it, it is always better that you call the agent over phone and inform him/her about the right timings.

On what basis do you choose a real estate agent?

Before you choose a real estate agent you need to consider facts like;

  • If you want to work without representation wherein you will have to deal with the agent directly or you want to hire a personal agent.
  • In case you decide to have a personal agent, you should interview a number of agents to find an apt and comfortable agent.
  • Avoid interviewing two different agents from the same company.
  • Make sure that you let each agent know about their interview while interviewing them.

Avoid hiring a listing agent if you prefer a working agent:

In order to prevent the listing agent from working under dual agency you should avoid hiring a listing agent and a working agent at the same time as the listing agent works for the seller and he is the one who shows the property and will expect to represent you.

Make sure that you sign a buyer’s broker agreement with a buying agent:

Doing this will ensure that there is a serious relationship between you and the agent and also the agent will know about his/her duties. Know the rules of an Exclusive and Non-Exclusive Buyer’s Broker Agreement and avoid asking the broker to show you homes until you are ready to sign the document. Also make sure that you ask your agent if you can hire another agent in case you are not satisfied with him/her.

Convey your expectations precisely to the agent:

It is always better that you make your expectations clear in front of your agent and tell him what should be done clearly. Things like picking you up and dropping you at the door step after showing you a home; the ways to communicate, the time frame and the feedback about the agent should be considered important.

Avoid signing documents which you have no complete knowledge about:

Property dealing involves a lot of paperwork and you should avoid signing the papers which you are not completely aware about. Do not be embarrassed to ask your agent about the contents of the documents and avoid signing documents stating the consent represent more than one buyer. Also you should not completely depend on the agent regarding the document contents as real estate agents are not lawyers.

Hire a real estate agent only if you are planning to buy or sell a property:

Before you plan to hire a real estate agent, you should make up your mind if you really want to sell or buy a property. In case you do not want to do either of that, you can research and find out on your own by calling the listing agents.
Therefore, following the above steps will help you gain more knowledge on how to deal with real estate agents.

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