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Tips to take care of your eyeglasses.

by jhon duncen

You spend a lot of effort on getting the correct pair of glasses. You seek the appropriate frame form in a pattern or color that exactly reflects you. You eagerly wait for the lenses to be fitted and for that call alerting you that your new eyeglasses are ready for pick up. Don’t you want to do all you can to make these glasses endure as long as possible? Here are some terrific recommendations on how to take appropriate care of your eyeglasses that will help make them last:

1. Before wiping your glasses, rinse them

Always rinse your glasses clean with tap water before you wipe the lenses. Wiping them may cause particles to grind against the glass and produce scratches. Rinsing the lenses first gets rid of such particles, following which you may use the towel that comes with your spectacles. Do not allow water droplets to dry on the lenses, as this might produce water stains.

When you return home—obviously exhausted and harried—and you take off your glasses and set them on the entrance table, on the bed, or maybe next to the sink?

The remedy is to get into the habit of continually setting your glasses in the same position and the appropriate manner, with their lenses pointing upward, or, better yet, of keeping them in their hard-shell case at all times.

2. Use both hands

The habit of taking your glasses with one hand could be challenging, but utilizing both hands keeps the temples tight and appropriately positioned. When you get accustomed to it, you may save some time spent correcting your loose frames at the optometrist.

Pushing your glasses up on your nose with one finger is OK, but don’t press on the nosepiece with another finger as well. It puts strain on the nose pads and weakens the whole frame. Replace one hand with the other and reposition your spectacles to the proper position once again.

3. Only use products that are specifically designed for use with eyeglasses

When cleaning your glasses, always use liquid solutions specifically developed for use on eyeglasses and contact lenses. Although window cleaning chemicals are meant for use on window glass, they often include ammonia, which may cause the coatings on your eyeglasses to become brittle and break down.

The same may be said for the wipes you use to clean your lenses. Don’t dab your eyes with your handkerchiefs, papers, or even the tail of your shirt. Abrasive particles may be trapped in paper and fabric, damaging the lenses. If you’ve misplaced the cloth that came with your glasses, you might inquire with your eye doctor about purchasing a new one.

4. When you’re not using your eyeglasses, be sure to store them appropriately

Whenever you take your glasses off, store them in the case. This way, you not only keep them away from dust and debris, but you also prevent them from becoming damaged or even shattered.

Almost every brand includes an original case as part of their product packing. Whether it’s a large and sturdy case or a microfibre bag, they may all assist you in keeping your glasses safe and in good condition. Any dust particles, microscopic scratches, or smudges on your vision may impair your ability to see well. Therefore, make every effort to keep your specifications as safe as possible.

5. After spending time outside, disinfect your glasses with rubbing alcohol

For clear vision, you need glasses to be clean. Viruses have been shown to live on glass surfaces for up to nine days. This implies that when you come home after a trip to the store or other comparable destination, you must disinfect your glasses and your other apparel. When disinfecting your eyeglasses, please avoid using acidic solutions to clean them. Clean the glasses instead with dish soap and warm water and wipe them with an eyeglass cleaning towel to avoid scratching the lenses. Alternatively, antibacterial lens cleaning wipes that have been pre-moistened may be used.

Your eyeglasses are a significant financial investment. Not only can they assist you to see clearly in the environment, but they can also be used as a fashion element to help you express yourself more effectively.

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