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Travel insurance experiencing a sudden hike ongoing pandemic

by Anand Kumar
travel insaurance

Travel insurance is the only thing that will sTravel insurance experiencing a sudden hike ongoing pandemicave you from situations where you had to cancel your flight or any unexpected situation that is beyond your control. Thousands of insurance companies are out there will offer you protection from anything that proves to be a negative shift for your travel plans.

Like- protection for trip cancellation, trip interruptions, or even covers if your luggage gets stolen or damaged, emergency medical bills, travel delays, and many more.

Pandemic and travel insurance- 

Just like the turbulence we experience in our flights, the travel industry had to face the same turbulence at the arrival of this unexpected pandemic.

It caused a commotion in the travel industry with thousands of cancellations, flight, and train bans in several countries, border closings, in total it was a and still is a chaotic situation for the travel businesses.

Like any other issuance, travel insurance is important too but like any other insurance, it is not famous, talked about, or not many people are aware of this, clearly missing out a lot.

But, the ongoing pandemic forced travellers to change their behaviour, now when the risk is too much, they had no option but to use travel insurance.

As countries are having a competition among themselves to gain back the lost economy due to travel bans, to promote travelling, if it is allowed, to boost up the economy rate, the data of travel agencies showed a significant change and reported more people applying for travel insurance than the previous years.

Just like–how students learn the importance of assignment helps when their schedules get super hectic, similarly, when risk is hanging above their heads did the travellers realized the importance of travel insurance.

The change in the travel industry and consumer travel behaviours despite the Covid-19 pandemic is something worth talking about.

 Here are a few trends that are still happening in the travel businesses –

travel insaurance

The change in the travel industry and consumer travel behaviours despite the Covid-19 pandemic is something worth talking about.

  • The sudden spark of interest in domestic travel-

 The obvious reason is– the border restrictions and quarantines.

This became a trend when American’s drastically turned towards domestic travel.

The sudden grown interest in domestic travels reflects the limitations pandemic created in every field of business, in every part of the world.

  • One of the, if not the most, changes was reported by Starr insurance companies.
  • Since the start of the pandemic, the company has seen a drastic change in the data of its travel policies.
  • The companies have reported a dramatic 528% increase in the purchase of U.S travel policies!
  • The company experienced this boost, not just in the U.S, but in every part of the world.

The travel companies noticed that, even after the removal of border restrictions, people prefer short distanced trips rather than across border traveling’s.

Now, when they have realized the risk associated with travelling during the pandemic, they are getting more concerned about their travel investment wherever they go.

  • The shift in insured trip costs-

We all are aware of the fact that domestic travels are less expensive than international ones.

The sudden attraction to domestic travel changes the insurance cost, at all the big travelling countries.

As more people shifted to domestic travel, the data showed that insured trip costs experienced a 22% downfall in their purchases than they did a year ago or years before that.

But this trend is something that doesn’t come with a constant result, we never know when people can have a sudden change in their travelling plans.

  • Travel insurance getting the hype they deserve-

 Since the pandemic started, insurance has become an important purchase for young travellers (from age 20-35).

Compared to the last year, the purchase of insurance increased by 14% for this age group.

In this age group, many young travellers are buying insurance for the first time, through retail or wholesale channels.

This happened for the first time, that influencers are urging travellers to buy travel insurance and to consider this as a must-have.

  • Medical coverage is the best coverage-

Insurance is not just for trip cancellations, it goes beyond that.

Illness is not in our hands, anything health-related problem can happen at any time of travelling, and it costs more than the budget you came up with.

The cost of health medicines is covered, a big sigh of relief for travellers!

The main reason traveller insurance gained popularity!

If you are travelling to a beach or area where there are shark attacks getting medical insurance is vital.  Shark attacks are rare but you want to make sure you are covered for all possibilities.  Make sure you are aware of where shark attacks are more likely with the shark attack map from beachfix.

travel insaurance

Medical coverage is the best coverage-


People are getting eager to get out but not too far because this time risk is too much, that’s why travel insurance’s demand increased so that they can have a ‘trip of a lifetime’ experience.

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