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Types of Grades You Should Be Able to Track in Your Online Gradebook

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As an online student, you have many options to stay organized and on top of your studies. One key part of this is tracking your grades in an online gradebook. While every student’s needs are different, there are some types of grades you should be able to track in your online gradebook regardless of your learning style or the type of courses you’re taking.

1. Overall Course Grade

This is the grade that appears on your transcript and is generally a combination of all your smaller grades from assignments, quizzes, exams, and other activities. It’s important to track this number so you can see how well you’re doing in the course as a whole and where you may need to focus more of your attention.

The upside of providing an overall course grade to your parents and students for each student is that it allows them to see how the student is progressing in meeting the objectives of the course. The downside, however, is that if a student has a low grade in one area, such as exams, this will drag down their overall course grade and could result in discouragement.

The combat this, it is a good idea to also break down grades into more specific categories so that students and parents can see where the student is excelling and where they may need to focus more attention.

2. Assignment Grades

Assignment grades are the grades you’ve received on specific assignments. This could include essays, projects, homework, and other types of tasks. Keeping track of your assignment grades can help you identify which topics you’re struggling with and need more help with.

It can also be helpful to keep track of your assignment grades so you can see your improvement over time. For example, if you’re getting lower grades on essays at the beginning of the semester but higher grades towards the end, this shows that you’re putting in the effort and progressing in your writing skills.

3. Quiz and Exam Grades

Quiz and exam grades are usually worth a lot more than assignment grades, so it’s important to track these separately. This way, you can see how well you’re doing on tests and identify any areas where you need to focus more attention.

Some online gradebooks will also let you track your quiz and exam scores so you can see your progress over time. This can be especially helpful if you’re studying for a big exam and want to track your improvement.

4. Participation Grades

In some classes, participation grades are given based on how often you participate in discussion boards, turn in assignments on time, or other activities. If your course has this type of grade, it’s important to keep track of it so you can make sure you’re staying active and engaged in the class.

How exactly can you grade for participation?  This will vary from class to class, but some common methods include giving points for each discussion board post or requiring students to submit a certain number of assignments on time.

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