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Underwear Questions Men Are Embarrassed To Ask

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Our underwear is a garment that we must wear every day. As such, it has a vital role to play in our lives. After becoming aware of their bodies and clothing, men have been wearing the same type of underwear for decades. Intimate hygiene needs a little extra care, even though it seems like a perfectly normal thing. Chances are, you rarely give underwear etiquettes a second thought, regardless of whether you select boxers, briefs, or trunks. The topic is certainly not something you’d bring up with the guys over drinks or during a night of poker. If you are one of the guys who are embarrassed to ask about underwear, then this article is for you! We answer a few of the most common underwear questions that men are embarrassed to ask!  

What kind of underwear is best?

You may be surprised to learn that men can choose between dozens of different types of underwear. Briefs, boxers, jockstraps, trunks, boxer shorts, and thongs are some of the most popular items. Some are specific to certain people; for instance, one should wear trunks when one has an athletic build, jockstraps when one has broad shoulders, and briefs when one has a slim body. 

However, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do experiments to determine which type of underwear works best for you. In addition to choosing underwear that suits your lifestyle, it should also complement the kind of clothing you wear. If you’re wearing loose trousers, boxers are okay to wear, while briefs are appropriate for tight pants.

What is the recommended frequency of washing underwear?

Some might consider this an ’embarrassing’ question, but it is also one that must be addressed. Simply put, when it becomes dirty. Technically, it should happen every time it is worn. Our bodies emit a lot of sweat, and in enclosed areas like the nether regions, we see even more sweat. Consequently, clothes that come into contact with such a part often get dirty and are even dirtier once the day is over. Maintain good hygiene by washing your underwear daily.

What is the proper number of underwear that a man should own?

Ideally, you should have around 20 pairs of underwear on hand for a three-week supply. An increase in the number of clothes will make closet space inconvenient and expensive.

Having 14 pairs of clean clothes each week is essential if you wash them once a week. You should have a pair for every day of the week, as well as backups for travel and exercise.

Which is the best material for underwear?

Underwear shopping can be challenging, especially when it comes to selecting the right fabric. Among the fabrics that are available for men’s underwear are cotton, nylon, silk, spandex, modal,  and lycra. Choosing the fabric depends on your taste and what you plan to do with it. Your underwear must be breathable and stretchable.

Keeping your underwear well ventilated is crucial. A good fabric won’t shrink easily, making it possible to wear them comfortably for years to come. The most common fabrics are cotton and modal. Long-lasting breathability is provided by cotton, a fabric that has been tried and tested for decades. With its stretchability and comfort, it is one of the most commonly used fabrics for underwear. The least expensive type of underwear is cotton. While still wet from sweat, cotton can form mildew if left in a corner. So keep an eye out for mildew. 

The fibre modal is made from semi-synthetic cellulose, obtained from beech trees by spinning cellulose. Modal has a moisture-absorbing capacity of 50% greater than cotton. As a result, it can be roughed up. Over time, it remains durable. Micro modal fabrics are even more durable than cotton. They are three times as soft and fifty percent more absorbent than cotton.

How Long Should A Man Keep His Underwear?

You shouldn’t hang on to your underwear until they rip in the washing machine. Underwear should be replaced once a year by men as a general rule. Start by removing all faded underwear from your wardrobe that is jaded, saggy, and faded. You should never donate an item of clothing like this. The underwear with visible holes and stains needs to be thrown out. Put the underwear in the trash when the band loses elasticity.

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