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Ways to Use a Cowboy Hat – Basic Etiquettes One Must Know

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Cowboy Hat

Vintage style is an evergreen trend. If you consider the vintage fashion trend, you will find that cowboy was extremely popular. Men used to wear them at any given opportunity. The style, cut, and design of cowboy hats gave it a unique look and feel.

By 1865, vintage hats started becoming one of the elite dress fashions among men. During the same period, the tradition of using caps also began. Anyone must know the ways to wear the hat. None want to be an attention seeker for the wrong reasons. 

This article shall give you those do’s and don’ts of using a cowboy hat. Go through this article to know more about the usage of the same.

How to Maintain A Good Standard While Wearing a Hat?

As you know, a hat is a personal attire, and it has its standards of wearing it. Some occasions may demand you to remove or wear the hat. This column shall help you realize if you had made mistakes in the past wearing the classic hat in your life. 

Remove it While Entering a Building: A mark of respect is to remove the hat while entering a building. There is no exception to it. The structure can be a church or a shopping mall; you have to remove your hat as you enter it.  

What to do once you enter the building?

It’s an important point, don’t miss it! As you enter a building by removing the hat, you must be aware of the situation. If you join any informal celebration or a party, you may put the hat back on your head. At the same time, if it is a formal occasion by any chance, let the hat remain in your hand and do not wear it unless you step out. This, again, is a sign of respect. There are some specific circumstances that we have given you in this column. But it is good for you to note down the rule, 

Formal Occasion – Hat off

Informal Occasion – Hat on – Optional – if you may prefer having the hat down, you can do so. But that is entirely up to you. 

Don’t Wear The Hat in a Restaurant: This is getting too complex. Not at all. This is a simple rule. If you plan to sit in a restaurant and eat, remove the hat. At the same time, if you plan to eat at a counter, you can leave the hat on your head. Don’t wear the hat as you sit and eat; you may be frowned at. 

While the above-mentioned are social occasions in some way or the other, there are a few demanding situations in which you MUST remove your cowboy hat. 

National Anthem | Pledge | National Flag Hoisting | Passing the National Flag: Yes, it is a strict rule to remove your hat on these occasions. It is a respect factor and a protocol to remove the hat while National Anthem is playing or as you sing. Same way, while you pass the flag or during a flag hoisting ceremony, please remove it and maintain decorum. 

Inside a Church: You cannot wear a hat inside a church. You can hold it in your hands until you leave the place. 

First Introduction: This is entirely social, but the professional aspect is involved too. If you are about to meet an elder and say Hi or shake hands with them, please remove the hat. Further, if it is anyone whom you are meeting for the first time, remove the hat in such situations too. 

Wedding Or Funeral: Both might happen indoors; keep the hat off your head if you attend any. It is similar to the first two pointers in this column. One most exciting factor to note here is that even if you are not following a funeral and come across the casket passing by you, please remove the hat from your head. Further, as a part of mourning over someone’s death or if you are at a funeral and find the casket passing by you, keep the hat in your left hand. What about the right hand, then? Place it on your heart. Alternatively, you can also take the hat off using your right hand and directly place it on your heart.

The main rules of wearing a cowboy hat are understood. There are too many varieties of hats available these days. But keeping just two types in mind; felt and straw hats, let us see when you can wear them. Now, let us quickly see the right season to wear such hats.

You can wear a straw hat during summer, and the latter can be worn in the winter season. Lastly, whenever you remove your cap from your head or even hold it in your hand, do not even attempt to show the inside of the hat. 

Choose the Right Hat 

This is the most critical etiquette one must follow as you plan to wear a vintage cowboy hat. The hat you purchase must fit you right in the front and back part of your head. It can be loose on the sides but not acceptable if it is too tight or loose. 

The former shall cause you a headache while the latter may fly off with a normal breeze. However, there are a few tricks that you can use to make the hat fit the right way. 

You can use a set of bobby pins and clip them on your hair. The bobby pin must be inserted into the band of your hat so that none can notice it too. You can also use Toupee Tape and stick it on your forehead too. Always wear the hat with the front brim tilted slightly down as the wind may reach out to the brim and blow it off if the brim is higher on your head. 

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