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What are Custom metalized Boxes? And Why Should You Care?

by Abhay Choubey
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With the world modernizing and technology taking over product packaging isn’t anymore just for keeping your product in it. It has a bigger and better aim, it is the most competent way of conveying your brand image and message to the potential buyers of the product. Unique and creative packaging has always played a great role in attracting customers. Therefore such packaging should be used that compels a buyer to buy the product immediately and without another thought. It must be kept in mind that unique and different packaging stands out to almost everyone and gives you an upper hand over your peers. With every year passing, new trends are taking over the world of packaging. Custom metalized boxes in a very similar way have taken the world by storm. Commonly these boxes come in two types, first gold foiling packaging and second silver foil packaging. These boxes like all other custom-made boxes come in different printable designs, shapes, sizes. These boxes aren’t just very stylish but give a very luxurious look.

They’re out of ordinary printing, customization, and design isn’t the only characteristics they possess their elegant look that comes from the silver and gold foiling plays a key role in alluring the customers, along with that it helps customers to boost their sales and profits. These boxes are used in the packaging of every type of product. From food and sweets to cosmetic items and perfumes, from watches and jewelry to gift boxes and so on.

Many wholesalers in the market are manufacturing these custom boxes. One of the most experienced ones in this business is the H5 packaging. They make sure to keep customers’ desirability in mind along with putting an expert touch on theirs. They make sure to closely listen to their customers and deliver the best quality custom-made boxes. It is their policy that they never compromise on the quality of the packaging.

Following are some notable characteristics of custom metalized boxes. And we are sure that they will surely make you care about these boxes.

Visually appealing

Metalized Foil adds desirability to the packaging, and a more desirable appearance means that more customers are attracted to your product. Customers look for a product that stands out on the supermarket shelves. Something easy to spot on, even in a crowd. That is the added value of Metalized Foil.


One of the main factors why both consumers and manufacturers prefer aluminum foil is because these packs can be recycled and reused over and over again without any deterioration in their quality. Plus this helps in keeping the environment clean along with reducing waste generation.

Puncture resistant

Low-quality boxes mostly get punctured or damaged during the process of deliveries and shipment, it usually happens when some other item is placed on them. But metalized boxes in this aspect are reliable, during their manufacturing process they are passed through various wear and tear processes. Due to this they are very durable and reach the retail stores in a perfect state.

Locks heat and freshness.

These boxes use aluminum which holds barrier properties, it prevents light, moisture, and air from entering along with that it helps in keeping the food fresh for the longest time possible. Hence the products packed in these boxes tend to have a long shelf life. The food comes in aluminum foil because it tends to keep the food heated and its freshness locked in.


The material that makes Metal Foil Packaging so special is Aluminum. This metal is heavy-duty, resistant, lightweight, and produce by the nature itself. More or less, 30-nanometer thick Aluminum is used on the surface of the boxes, which gives you an added benefit of lower shipping and transportation costs due to its weight.

Cost effective

One of the greatest problems that a business owner faces is that of high costing and as a result that the consumers need to bear a larger sum of money for that product. However, much of this added cost is covered if an entrepreneur can find an effective packaging solution for their product. There is one simple answer to a real million-dollar question: “Where to find cost-effective packaging that attracts customers?” Three words: Custom Metal Packaging. And, those thinking that metal foil packaging would cost more compared to the rigid boxes that the majority of the market uses to date, should be seeing growth in sales, with Custom Metal Foil Packaging.

Print compatibility

Custom Metal Foil Boxes are open to any type of printing method. Any label, emblem, or logo can be printed onto the aluminum boxes with much ease. Hence, the companies or individuals can use their creativity to enhance the attractiveness and uniqueness of their product via its packaging. This will cause a surge in sales, and the product’s market size might increase with it.

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