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What does WCW Mean on Instagram?

by Jimmy Alex
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Time is money. Saving time means that you get to do more of the important things in your life. People come up with different ways to save some time. Some wake up early while others reduce effort and shop online. Internet users have come up with a unique way to make conversations as minimal as is possible. Many netizens, especially the younger ones, trim down long-form words into short acronyms while writing to their friends.

Few popular acronyms like YOLO, BFF, and RSVP, etc., are universal. Some acronyms take on the form of hashtags. If you want to grow the number of followers to raise awareness on some idea or issue, you can make a hashtag and encourage people to use it. One such hashtag, which is also an acronym, is WCW.

What does WCW stand for?

The full form of WCW is Women Crush Wednesday. The hashtag may not be familiar to you, but it is incredibly popular. The idea behind it is somewhat clear from the title. It is about women’s empowerment and appreciation. Women like close-knit circles and love appreciation with a hint of praise here and there. We know many women who went under fire for believing in an idea but came out strong, conquering their critics. Well If you are interested in Instagram Viewer then check-in Private Instagram Viewer.

The acronym has taken the form of a hashtag on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can use WCW for any woman you know. It simply means that you admire them for who they are, be it their beauty, strength, resilience, or any other trait.

The WCW Hashtag on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

The answer to the question is that it depends entirely on you. You can use the full form, the abbreviation, or the hashtag. But we suggest you use the shorter version on Twitter s the social network allows a limited number of words. Using WCW instead of Women Crush Wednesday will help you save some characters on Twitter.

But if you are using it on Instagram or Facebook, you can write it any way you want. When you put the hashtag sign before the WCW or the complete version, the social media sites will show you a list of similar popular hashtags with the number of followers using that hashtag. You can choose any one or more hashtags from the list for your post.

When you use a hashtag from the suggested list, there is a number with each hashtag. The number shows you how many people have used the same hashtag. It gives you an idea of how popular certain hashtag is and also the reach of your post.

We say post #WCW on Wednesdays.

It is quite obvious by the phrase itself. It only makes sense to post WCW content on Wednesdays as it is part of the post. While you can admire women any time of the week and any hour of the day, Wednesdays somehow seem to be the appropriate day for the cause. Few restaurants even offer free drinks or tea to women on Wednesdays. Nobody knows why this specific day is the best choice for appreciating women. Maybe it is the matching first letters or the fact that Wednesdays fall mid-week, so showing support to the women in your lives gives them a boost for the remaining week. What do you think?

Use WCW for the Woman in your Life

Humans come in pairs. We may pretend to be doing great on our own, but everyone needs love, support, and comfort to survive the hardships life throws our way. If you have a woman in your life, whom you appreciate and are thankful for them to be in your life, you are more than welcome to use the WCW hashtag in your next Wednesday post.

Many people use the hashtag with a picture of their girlfriend, wife, or whatever relationship status you two choose to stick with. Even if you are still crushing over your future girlfriend, you can use the #WCW for them. Let them know how much you appreciate their existence through Instagram.

The #WCW has a Wide Spectrum. 

Women Crush Wednesday can be used any way the user molds it. You can pick up the crushing word in the middle and tag your crush in the post. You can announce your crush on a girl by posting WCW if you feel shy to say it to their face. Come on now, be creative with the post.

You can also use #WCW to appreciate any woman who has achieved great things in life. Admire strong, resilient women by using the hashtag in a post about them.

Another way to use Women Crush Wednesday in a post is to tag your female significant other. Express your love online and tell her how much she means to you. Of course, you can say all the nice things to her face, but that saying it in front of the whole world will make her day.

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