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What is the importance of branding for your business

by Jimmy Alex
branding for your business

What is branding and Why is the importance of branding:

The importance of branding creating a unique product or unique name and identity for a product in the customer’s mind is called branding. In a word, branding is a commitment to the value and service of your product to your local area customer or your targeted area customer. Branding workshops are a great way for brands to hone in on their corporate narrative. The importance of branding is given in more detail below.

what is company branding

Branding can be one of the tools you want to survive in the current competitive world market. With proper and well-designed branding, you will be able to easily attract the buyer of your product and make it your regular customer by satisfying the brand image and retaining it.

If branding is done properly, it is very easy to sell a product, because the customer gets addicted to your service and quality. Branding has become essential for any type of business. The only branding can be made to sell enough to make enough profit. This is because your customer is evaluating your service and quality. There are many big brands in the world, and we ourselves are attracted to buying products from these brands very easily.

There are some brands that sell very luxury products, such as Ferrari (car companies), which most people can’t afford to buy, yet everyone dreams and, by the way, is! If I had a Ferrari car. This is the key to successful branding, the customer will be fascinated with your product and this is not possible without branding. Branding is something special to the customer.

The difference between branding and marketing:

Branding and marketing are not exactly one, but one is related to another. You could call branding a different level of the marketing plan. In marketing, Push/pressure is applied to the customer to buy the product. In this case, the company asks it’s target customer to motivate them to buy the product, we are giving the best product, our product is better than all other products and so on.

But no brand will ever brand it like that. The brand pools its customers without pushing them. Instead of being tempted, he appeals to himself. The brand will show its customers what he is offering, what he is offering and what his features are. As a result, he does not have to go to the customer to buy his product, the customer is attracted to the brand to buy his product.

So think, whether you are branding or trying to sell products through traditional marketing.

How to do branding:

If you have decided that you want to do branding in your company or online shop, then now you need to know how to do branding, what are the things required for branding. I’ll discuss the branding of the online shop here.

There are some things that are very important for branding and these are things you need to know and take the necessary steps if you want to make your online shop a brand.

1. First, you have to decide what you do business, what you sell.

Do you sell a specific category of products? Or sell all kinds of products? If you want to sell products of a specific category then the branding of the same will be the same, and if you want to sell the products of different categories then the branding will be different.

E-commerce company branding can be done in two ways. 1, branding the product you are selling or, 2, the branding of your online shop. If you want to brand your product then your products are better if they belong to the same category.

And if you have products in different categories, try branding your online shop as a brand, rather than branding specific products.

2. To branding, you must first pick a suitable name.

This is very important and in this case, many people make mistakes. Your company name must match your product or service. If you name the site for selling clothes like rice-dal, it will never be suitable.

The name of your company must fit your product, service, or shop. Otherwise, there will be a lot of difficulties in doing branding. So choose a name that fits your product, service, or shop name. Since you are choosing a name for an online shop, you must choose a name that has the domain name blank.

You can select a name that has no specific meaning, which is unique, not very familiar, easy to pronounce. This type of unique name is very useful for branding. In some cases, branding is done in its own name, especially in Europe’s fashion sector brand names are named after the designer.

For example, Gucci, Shanelle, Carolina Herrera, Tory Burch, Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren are all named after designers. If you want to do the branding of the shop you can give a meaningful name, such as ecstasy, diesel brand and you can find meaningful names.

3. Need to Create a Slogan

The next step in choosing a name is to create a “slogan” that will inform your customers about your service, value, and features. For example, Nike brand’s slogan is “Do It“, Nokia brand slogan “Connecting People”. Choose an appropriate slogan for your business.

4. Create standard and attractive logos

Create a logo that easily captures people’s attention. There is no saying that the logo will be attractive if it is too complicated. If possible, design a logo with a professional, because the most important thing about branding is your logo. If this logo is attractive then you can easily identify your brand to people.

In this case, you can get ideas by looking at the logo of the foreign brand and the native brands of this style. Another mistake many people make is in creating logos. Most of the online shops in Bangladesh have the appearance of “shopping cart” in the logo, and newcomers also created the logo by placing the icon of the shopping cart with their visible name which is not suitable for branding.

By branding, you want to introduce yourself as a unique customer in terms of quality and service of your product while making the logo a common logo that will be useless to express your uniqueness. In my opinion, it is better to have no logo than to create such a common logo.

If you can’t make yourself unique, your customers will never be attracted to you because there are many vendors like you in the market.

5. Need a Logo trademark and registered

After creating unique names, logos, and slogans, trademark and register your brand name or logo if possible. If that is not possible now, try to do so if you can afford it in the future.

There is a lot more work to be done, such as creating unique names, logos, and slogans, if possible, trademark and register your brand name or logo. If that is not possible now, try to do so if you can afford it in the future.

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