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What Kind Of Rug Do You Put In A Bedroom?

by jhon duncen
Kind Of Rug Do You Put In A Bedroom

Decorating a new home is always fun and challenging, likewise with redecorating a home that could use an update, in either case, you get the opportunity to create a space that looks and feels comfortable to YOU!

The room we often want to feel the most comfortable in is our bedroom. Get more collections of rugs at Rug Source. Read on for tips that will help you determine the best way to incorporate area rugs into your bedroom’s design.

1. Use A Room-sized Rug

Laying down a large, room-sized rug, one that will cover the majority of the surface area of the floor will give the room more of a ‘wide open’ feeling, this works really well in rooms with high or vaulted ceilings.

To do this, measure the entire length and width of your bedroom and then deduct between one and two feet (12-24 inches) from those dimensions, purchase an area rug that comes closest to the size you’ve calculated.

2. Offset Placement To Show Off A Beautiful Rug Design

Placing an area rug beneath a bed in an offset manner provides maximum visual appeal. To do this, position the area rug beneath your bed, no less than half the distance from the headboard, but as far as just placing about 1/3 of the rug underneath. This placement allows you to display the rug’s design prominently.

3. Two Rugs Are Better Than One

Laying down two distinctly different area rugs in a bedroom can help to break up the monotony of a large space, giving the room added interest and color.

To do this, choose two area rugs with different colors and/or designs. Placement should be determined based on your furniture and decor, try different placements until you find the one that feels the best to you.

4. Anchor Your Bedroom With An Area Rug 

Use an area rug to anchor your bedroom, this gives the space a sense of balance and order. The surrounding flooring acts as a frame to display your fine rug.

To do this, simply center your bed and area rug in the space, and make sure you have equal amounts of exposed flooring on each side.

5. Make A Small Bedroom Cozier

Small bedrooms are cozy, but can be made even cozier when a wool area rug is added; rugs not only add style to a room but also warmth.

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