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Which Tech Devices to Use on Gaming Events in 2022?

by Ayushi Choudhary

Gaming events are special for many gamers and enthusiasts. These business events are the heart and soul of launching new games and showing off popular titles. Tech devices for gaming events make perfect sense. Game developers that need to show off their creations, can do so through tech devices. So, which ones to use on your gaming events this year?

However, gaming events are also different when compared to other business events. The primary purpose on these is to highlight games, their features and the actual gameplay. So, in addition to pulling audience attention, gaming event booths need to do more. Different tech devices can service different purposes on gaming events. Here are some of them in more detail:

iPads and Tablets for Reception Desks

iPads are great modern devices. Not only these are some of the best mobile gaming platforms, but can provide other uses as well. iPad reception desks are able to record attendee information and present the booth to them attractively. More modern iPad Pros have some of the best hardware.

The large screens on iPad Pro models make it the perfect device for reception booths. Automated check-ins with fingerprint tech make for secure systems too. Also, these new iPads can provide reception desk branding of the highest quality as well.

Game developers don’t necessarily own iPads to be used on reception desks as they are into more robust devices. However, iPad rental can provide these devices at affordable rental prices. Businesses and game developers can save money with tablet rentals instead of purchasing outright.

Grab More Attention with VR

Gamers love advanced tech. Although, VR would not be anything new for advanced gamers, it still brings a smile on the face. Gaming on VR is now at new heights as well. Virtual Reality booths can do the best job of attracting attention. If you are on a competitive gaming exhibition, VR can bring great results.

Game developers that have VR titles, can use this tech organically. However, even if you game development business doesn’t deal in VR games, this tech can still be used. Attractive gaming content and interactive VR marketing campaigns can help great too.

Similarly, gaming event booths can invest in VR hire instead of purchasing when devices are not available. Virtual Reality can bring attention to your gaming event booths. This can be the perfect opportunity to highlight new game titles and releases to enthusiasts on events.

Make a Gaming Console Booth for Gaming Events

So, what are the tech devices gamers love the most? Some would say high powered PCs but most gamers are all about gaming consoles. The PlayStation 5 has been a success amongst the gaming community. Also, Xbox is a great platform loved by game enthusiasts as well.

A gaming console booth will be appreciated greatly by gamers and visitors. However, this will be subject to space availability of course. You will also need a set of monitors and the space for them as well. So, make sure to get the adequate booth space if a gaming console booth is on your list.

High Powered PCs for PC Gaming Experiences

High powered PCs are probably some of the best gaming devices in the market today. Casual gamers will prefer modern gaming consoles. However, mainstream advanced gamers will need high-powered devices. Custom PCs are usually able to show the best graphics as intended by game developers.

If you want the absolute best performance, gaming PCs will be required. And yes, these high-powered PCs do attract the advanced gamer’s attention as well. Also, you will pretty much all the time need to own or make your own custom gaming PCs. Tech hire companies usually don’t offer such devices.

Gaming Laptops to Show Off New Game Titles

When you look at statistics, a lot of gaming is done on laptops. These devices cannot be ignored when it comes to gaming events. Also, the more performance-oriented gaming laptops of today are much better than their past counterparts. These go a long way into provide a great gaming experience for gamers.

Alienware and Razer branded laptops are some of the best gaming devices on the market. These have built-in graphics cards that enhance performance greatly. Also, laptop rental service provides may stock gaming laptops as well. Make sure to check availability and save money by renting instead of buying.

Bottom Line

Gaming events are of great importance for gamers and game developers. To show off new game titles and releases, developers can use some of the best devices. Custom built PCs offer extreme graphics performance. Gaming consoles such as the PlayStation and Xbox are great options to use as well.

Show off your new games and create the hype in the industry with gaming laptops as well. Offer audiences VR devices to have a great time on. iPad reception booths can help keep track of attendees and also provide booth branding opportunities. Make the most with these tech tips for gaming events.

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