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Whole Food, Plant-based restaurants: What you need to know

by Jimmy Alex

Going Whole Food, Plant-Based has never been so easy, unless you are looking for Whole Food, Plant-Based restaurants to eat at. Many people report having trouble finding suitable menu items, and as a result, may get discouraged.

However, with a bit of preparation and adjustment, many places will be able to cater to your needs. Oftentimes, calling upfront already helps a lot. Chefs are likely to enjoy a little challenge and to find a way to make their dishes more wholesome.

There are a few types of restaurants and eateries in which your success rate may well be a little higher. Lets list a few of that Whole Food, Plant-Based friendly places to eat out:

1. Poke bars

Urban poke bars are on the rise in most cities around the world. There are many types of chains that do Poke. While originally Poke was a fish-based dish, most Poke bars have a plant-based option.

Poke is generally associated with healthy food, thus it is easy to understand why they would provide to the growing plant-based community.

Normally, you can order a mix of ingredients to put in your bowl, starting with rice at the base, then a protein-rich food (tofu), followed by all types of fruits and vegetables including mango, cucumber, tomato, red cabbage, carrots, and more. With soy sauce and a plant-based topping (ie nori) your Whole Food, Plant-Based dish is complete

2. Oriental restaurants

Many Asian restaurants offer WFPB options, or can easily adapt to it. As we all know, the Japanese, Chinese and Indian kitchens are largely rice-based with a rich variety of vegetables and beans. Oftentimes you would only need to ask for the oil to be omitted in order to make a dish fully Whole Food, Plant-Based.

3. Mexican restaurants

A surprise appearance on this list may well be Mexican restaurants. Mexico is known for its animal-based dietary routines. But, many dishes can and are adapted to those who consume mostly plant-based foods. Most notably, burritos can be made Whole Food, Plant-Based by keeping the animal foods out of the dish (only go for beans), adding lots of veggies, guacamole, and by opting for a whole wheat tortilla. You will find that many places can offer you this.

Enjoy eating out!

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