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Why cannabis content writing is Needed for your business

by Abhay Choubey

Quite simply, the Cannabis industry is booming. There’s a lot of excitement, a lot of potentials. On the one hand, the National Institute of Health admits that cannabis has anti-cancer properties and 24 states have legalized medical Cannabis, and on the other hand, the small but growing recreational market. As I write this, my fingertips are tingling.

Social Media Content Writer What does this have to do with content writing?  Well, let us tell you…

cannabis content writing informs your readers about the ever-changing landscape of the cannabis market while telling them about your business. As cannabis changes, how you portray it through words plays a big part in all of this, but we’ll talk about that in a moment.

For now, think about that rebranding: new packaging, new ideas, and entirely new Cannabis products, with a plethora of different forms to explore and develop. It’s doubtful that anyone company can stay ahead of it all. You need friendly, well-written informants to move your business forward and direct it where you want it to go.

Content writing isn’t secondary or tertiary, it’s primary. It’s the first thing a person sees when they click on your page, read a description of your products, company or mission. The words on your page become your words, the words of the company you want to promote, not only allowed and quickly forgotten but boldly indexed forever in the bowels of the Internet. These words tell your readers who you are and what your company stands for, so choose them carefully. Or, better yet, spend your time on your business practices and hire a professional cannabis writer to help you craft your vision. Maybe you haven’t thought about using specific language yet, or maybe you haven’t had time to capture an idea. Frankly, you have more important things to do, but that doesn’t mean writing isn’t vital to your ultimate success.

Now that we’ve made you aware of the importance of content writing, let’s move on to the next step: building that vision.

What idea do you want to give your readers about your business?

We’ll let you have some fun with that. Click on the link below for a short exercise to help you think about what we mean. Consider four different representations of a company selling the exact same thing. Tell us which one fits the audience you’re trying to reach.

Content is king

Good content writing should do three things for your business: make people want to read your content, teach them something and inspire or motivate them to do something. Posts on social media should link back to the content, and once readers are there, you need to hook them, get them interested, and get them to remember your name and products.

Content writing goes beyond marketing and is about saying something, hopefully, interesting and important. You want your readers to share your content and increase your brand recognition. It’s also a way to build and maintain your audience. Keeping a blog with a constant stream of comments and replies promotes engagement and interaction. It stays fun, relevant, and part of an ever-changing landscape.

The Cannabis market, in its transformation and rebranding phase, has, even more, to lose with the words chosen to represent it over the next few key years. Whether it’s social media, blogs, other content on websites, or even print magazines, brochures, press releases or white pages, content is key. People are reading about Cannabis. So are you, right now. They’re listening.

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