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Why does my cat eat plastic?

Why does my cat eat plastic?

by c-incognito

Feeding is a very important aspect of feline life. In nature, hunting is not only a means of entertainment, but it is the only recourse they have in order to be able to survive. Domesticated cats have no problem getting their daily bread, whether it’s kibble, box, or homemade food, a domesticated feline will have no problem in order to survive.

Despite what we have just said, some cats develop the habit of biting, licking, and even eating certain materials such as plastic. What you suspect, is more than dangerous behavior… For this reason, we invite you to continue reading our article so that you can know the answer to the question bringing us together today: Why does my Cats Eating Plastic.

Why does my cat eat plastic?

There are many reasons why cats eat plastic:

  • Because he is bored.
  • Because he has an eating disorder called Pica.
  • He is stressed.
  • He needs a dental cleaning.
  • To help him digest.
  • Because he likes plastic.

We invite you to continue reading our article Why does my cat eat plastic because in the next paragraphs we will develop more of the themes that we have just sketched.

Your cat eats plastic because he’s bored

A bored cat develops certain behavioral problems, and one of its ways of expressing it is by biting and eating everything that falls under its paw, among these things we obviously find plastic… It can so eat plastic shopping bags or Tupperware that was within reach of his little paws. If your cat does not have the necessary stimuli at its disposal to distract itself and exert itself, it is possible that it develops behaviors that are dangerous to its health… In the following article, discover the 5 signs of a cat that is bored!

The fact that your cat eats plastic because he is bored is fairly normal behavior for apartment cats who do not have access to the outside as well as for cats who do not have playmates. !

Cat eating disorder: pica

There is an eating disorder called pica, which makes your cat feel like she needs to eat things that are inedible. This indicates a serious feeding problem because the feline does not do it on a whim but because it feels that the food it receives does not contain all the nutrients it needs. If your cat suffers from pica, we recommend monitoring the food you give her to see what might be failing her to eat plastic. Do not hesitate to go see the veterinarian so that he can help you develop an adequate diet.

He is stressed

Stress is capable of causing alterations in the physical and emotional health of your furry friend, which may be one of the reasons why your cat eats plastic. A change in your routine, and the arrival of another pet or a baby are all triggers for stress and anxiety in your feline. Discover our article 5 symptoms of stress in cats so that you can know how to identify it and thus treat it.

In this case, eating plastic is just a way to release the pressure he is feeling, by identifying the factor that allowed him to develop this behavior and distracting him with something different you should be able to treat it.

He needs a dental cleaning:

As you should know, cleaning your cat’s teeth should be an integral part of their daily care routine. It’s possible that a small piece of food got caught in your cat’s teeth or that his gums just hurt. In an attempt to remove the food or ease the discomfort he is feeling, he may try to eat harder materials such as plastic.

It helps him digest

Similar to humans, after eating a large meal, cats also feel heavy, so they are looking for something to aid their digestion. One of the solutions available to them is to chew plastic but without swallowing it: continuing to chew after eating activates a series of enzymes that stimulate digestion. In this way, the feline manages to get rid of this unpleasant feeling of “overflow”. If this is the reason your cat is eating plastic, we recommend that you check the amount of food you give her and adjust as needed.

Does he like plastic?

It’s possible that a plastic bag may have certain characteristics that make it pleasing to your cat’s keen senses. Some are made with corn fiber so they fall apart more easily and even if you don’t notice it, your cat gets it.

Other plastic bags are made of lanolin or pheromones, which are more than appetizing for felines. In addition, most of these bags retain the smell and flavors of the food they contained causing the cat to misunderstand and think that the cat is actually edible. But plastic bags, in addition to being appetizing, produce a noise that turns them into a more than a funny game and whose sound can even remind them of the cries of prey, which would explain why the cat might bite it. When it comes to plastic containers, your cat will generally nibble on the one you use to serve him his food because he has accumulated in his fibers the odors of his past meals.

My cat ate plastic, what should I do?

You should never ignore your cat if he starts eating plastic as you risk your cat choking or the plastic rolling up in his stomach causing an intestinal obstruction that could eventually kill him. Observe his behavior carefully and go see the veterinarian so that together you can determine what could be the source of this problem. Check what you feed him and control stressful stimuli. Play with him and have his teeth checked. Instead, use metal or ceramic containers to serve him his water and food.

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