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Why Rostering Software is essential for the aged care industry

Why Rostering Software is essential for the aged care industry

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Rostering Software

Rostering staff is a time consuming exercise that needs accuracy and great attention to detail.  The residents of your aged care home rely on the right number of staff with the right qualifications to be present so they can get the care they need.  Staff shortages and absenteeism can cause havoc in the aged care system.  However, aged care companies that have installed automated rostering software have found less issues with staff absenteeism and easier compliance around suitably qualified staff.  Rostering software such as Humanforce offers a range of features that removes any difficulties in establishing a functional roster for every shift. 

Seamless onboarding 

With a flexible workforce, software that streamlines the onboarding process is essential in the aged care industry.  Rostering software allows administration staff to organise contracts and required documents online before employment begins.  When new staff start their first roster, their payment details, tax and superannuation are already recorded and certification is stored within the electronic document storage capabilities.  This has benefits for both employees and employer.  Pay is accurate and timely from the first shift, and all staff on shift are fully compliant before they start work. 

Staff self-management

Rostering software makes it easier for staff to be engaged in their own work schedule, filling in their own availability and work preferences.  With staff employed across different residences, rostering software keeps track of multiple shifts and requirements, ensuring that each shift is filled appropriately.  Staff can use the software to bid for shifts and find their own replacements if they have unexpected absences.  With shifts filled with existing staff, reliance on agency staff is minimalised, creating cost savings that can be passed on to residents.  

Workforce management efficiencies

The use of rostering software allows management more opportunities to observe staff and complete performance reviews in a timely fashion.  With the software keeping track of compliance, shifts and employees’ records and qualifications, management teams can spend more time in ensuring quality performance and meeting residents’ needs.  Residents can be better catered for, with error-free, accurate scheduling and all shifts fully covered.  Training can also be scheduled in to work seamlessly around rosters and expiry alerts for qualifications help with assigning the right staff to specific jobs as needed.

Accurate rostering

The software allows you to input requirements for each shift as well as leave, staff availability, and qualifications.  The system then takes these factors automatically into consideration when arranging rosters.  Storing templates streamlines the manual process of completing a new sheet for every shift.  

Rostering software can make many positive changes to the way your workforce is managed.  The automated capabilities can provide peace of mind that staff will there for residents, and compliance to all regulations are being adhered to.  Clients feel better, knowing the procedures are being followed.  Staff are less likely to be overworked, as well as being fully aware of their rosters in advance and having shift change options.  A well-organised workplace is a happy workplace for both staff, clients and management, and can be easily achieved with Humanforce rostering software.

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