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Your Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Running Shoes

by Abhay Choubey
Your Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Running Shoes

Whether you are a professional runner or an amateur trying your luck in the sport, you need a good pair or two of running shoes. However, sometimes finding the perfect running shoes for yourself proves can be as difficult as it was for Prince Charming to find the right shoe for Cinderella. However, once you’ve found your ideal shoe, the level of comfort you’ll experience is unrivaled. To make it easier for you, we have made a comprehensive guide for you so that you can find the running shoes of your dreams. 

Understanding the Language

Before you move on to the tips of finding the right shoes, you must understand the language and terms used. The following are some of the terminology commonly used in the context of running shoes:

  •  Heel-Toe Offset: Also often known as “Heel-Toe Drop,” refers to the difference in material between a running shoe’s heel and forefoot. 


  • Stack Height: The space between your feet and the ground is referred to as stack height. Stack heights range from barefoot to fully cushioned. The majority of running shoes have a stack height in the middle of the spectrum. The Altra Women’s Superior 4.5 Trail Running Shoe in the Altra Womens shoe line features the optimal stack height of 21 mm, which is excellent for trail running shoes.

  • Over-Pronation Control: Overpronation is a condition in which the ankle rolls inwards unnaturally with each step, increasing the risk of injury. The technology in stable running shoes can help to correct overpronation.

Looking for the Best Running Shoes?

Because of how difficult it may be to buy shoes, selecting a running shoe may appear to be a simple undertaking. However, with so many options and types on the market, you’ll need assistance from an expert to pick the best one.

  • Choosing the Correct Footwear

Running shoes may appear to be conventional sneakers, but they are equipped with advanced technologies that help you run faster. They are designed to reduce injuries caused by repetitive activity, unlike regular shoes, by providing particular cushioning to aid in shock absorption and design characteristics that make moving forward easier. The location where you intend to run may influence the best running shoes for you. Road running shoes are designed to be used on pavement, whereas trail running shoes, such as Altra running shoes, are designed to be worn on rugged terrain.

  • Make Sure You’re Fit

It’s crucial to obtain the right size running shoes, as sneakers that are too big or too small might be dangerous. We suggest trying on running shoes at the end of the day because your feet swell after a full day of running or working, and the shoe size usually at the end of the day will be so much more precise.


To allow for foot stretch, leave about a thumb’s width between the end of your foot and the end of the shoe. This will keep your toes from scraping the end of a steep run or if your feet swell. The shoe should allow your foot to move freely. Your foot should be centered on the shoe’s platform, with no chafing or looseness.

How Long Do Running Shoes Last?

In general, a pair of running shoes should endure between 400 and 500 kilometers of jogging (3 or 4 months for regular runners). Check to check if the midsoles and outsoles of your shoes have been crushed or worn. It’s probably time for a new set if that’s the case.

Mistakes to Avoid

People make blunders when buying running shoes because they believe that there isn’t much that can go wrong if they buy the wrong shoes. This may be true for conventional shoes, but wearing the incorrect running shoes can lead to serious damage. The following are some errors to avoid while purchasing running shoes:

  • Shopping for Fashion: The most common error people make when purchasing running shoes is purchasing them for their appearance. Fashion is fun, but it should never come at the expense of your comfort or health.
  • Shopping by Assuming Your Size: Shoe sizes vary between brands. Altra Shoes size 7 differs from Nike size 7. Every time you buy shoes, we recommend that you measure your shoe size.
  • Shopping Shoes First Thing in the Morning: From dawn until evening, the feet tend to swell. If you buy shoes in the morning, they may not fit well until evening. As a result, we suggest purchasing your running shoes in the evening.

Our Recommendation 

There are numerous brands and types of running shoes available in the market for you to choose from. However, we recommend you the best running shoes according to us. 

  1. Altra Lone Peak 5 Trail Running Shoe by Altra. ($129.95) 
  2. Mach 4 by Hoka One One ($130)
  3. Peregrine 11 ST by Saucony ($120) 
  4. Altra Men’s Provision 4 Road Running Shoe by Altra ($129.95) 
  5. Altra Women’s Paradigm 5 Road Running Shoe by Altra ($149.95) 


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