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You’re Losing Out On A Lot Of Potential Value From Your Garage

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We love garages just as much as the next guy, and without these welcome extensions to the house, who knows where else we could park the car or stash extra tools and supplies for future projects. But, if you’re the type of person who doesn’t do a lot with their garage anyway and it’s just building up dust as we speak, then you’re losing out on a lot of potential value that could be used for something much more productive.

Of course, that’s not to say a quick makeover and a few extra savings will get you a life-altering garage makeover because all renovation plans and overhaul projects take a considerable amount of time, effort, and resources. And for that reason alone, we recommend every homeowner to start 2022’s renovation game strong by reimagining the possibilities and functionalities they can get from their old garage.

#1 Retrofitting A Personal Home Theater

Firstly, one of the best ways to get the most out of a garage that’s just been waiting for the spotlight is retrofitting a personal home theater and turning the place into a private movie house for friends, family, and yourself. And if the latest reviews on Spiderman: No Way Home are anything to go by, then you’ll want a personal home theater to rewatch the Marvel cinematic universe at your pleasure. 

  • Adding Lighting Fixtures And Soundproofing: As for the basics of clearing things out and preparing the renovation project, we strongly recommend focusing on the lighting fixtures and soundproofing aspects of a home theater. These two factors will significantly impact the viewing experience, and you wouldn’t want bad lighting or poor sound quality to ruin the mood. Plus, it will look great on any home listing in the future if you ever plan to sell.
  • Bringing In Some Brand-New Furniture: While moving in an extra couch from the living room is not a bad idea on paper, we suggest bringing in some brand-new furniture instead because it will help tie the place together. Remember, renovation projects are all about introducing new things to your home, and while repurposing does have its purposes, sometimes buying things new make the best solution. You also get more freedom with designing the place as well.

#2 Transforming The Space Into An AirBnB

Secondly, if you’re looking to generate extra income and help reinforce your financial security, then transforming that extra garage space into a proper AirBnB and renting it out is one of the best makeovers possible. And since garages are usually on the smaller side of the scale and aren’t as grandiose as other vacation rental options, you’ll see a lot of traffic come your way and potential customers once international travel kicks back up to speed. 

  • Installing And Optimizing All The Utilities: When transforming a garage into a proper AirBnB, the very first thing you want to check off the list is installing and optimizing all the utilities. Most of the time, these connections can be very sparse in the garage, which makes for less-desirable final outputs if you fail to expand on the limited availability. So, you will need to contact your local electrician and maybe even look for brand-new furnace installers to pick up the extra slack of a new room.
  • Keeping Things Clean And Minimalist: In terms of designing the space and the most optimal layout for a small room, we recommend just aiming for a tidy appeal and something more minimalist. There’s only so much you can cram into a tight space until the annoying parts begin to outweigh the extra functionality, and as long as you got the bare necessities covered, your guests won’t have much to complain about.

#3 Converting It Into The Best Home Office

Last but not least, if neither home theaters nor AirBnB makeovers sound like renovation projects that would fit your style, then we recommend converting the garage into a home office instead to offer some extra productivity for you. Yes, there’s no denying that people have the option of going back to the regular office, but hybrid workplaces are still a thing nowadays. Plus, that’s not mentioning the many remote work opportunities you could try too. 

  • See What You Can Upcycle Into Something New: If you’re looking to save a bit on the renovation budget, there are plenty of items from your current garage setup that can work just as well in a home office setup. So, before you clear things out and throw them away, you might want to sift through all the different furnishings that you could still upcycle into something new. In fact, you might end up making some cool-looking extra seating and organizers in the process.
  • Adding Bits And Pieces For Your Hobbies: Depending on the type of work you do, most remote offices don’t need more than a desktop and extra drawers to get things done. And since garages will have more than enough space to accommodate at least that much, we suggest using the extra space left for some of your hobbies and pastimes. For example, a mini indoor garden or a simple workshop will make excellent additions.

At The End Of The Day, You Decide.

Garages are more than just housing for your car and tools, and if there’s anything we know about renovation, it’s challenging the norms of how people normally do things. So, before you default into the same old garage layout, don’t forget that this is your home and your rules, which means any renovation project goes!

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